Innovation with Timber floorings can be challenging. Are you ready to take that challenge?

solid timber flooring

Once in a lifetime you become an innovative species! The tendency can flow more if you are a constant innovation seeker. Innovation, for us means a foundation of every new beginning. Through innovation we come across new products, acquire new techniques, offering better quality in more sophisticated style (switching from ordinary floorings to hardwood timber floorings).

Why do homeowners or commercial owners fall back in this stage? Hmmmm, Any idea? Maybe they are too busy in their work life, family life, career phase & the list can go on for excuses. Why aren’t they getting the idea that, a bit of innovative infusion can help their business move ahead into another level, one that is better for your business, customers and for your personality.

There exist several ways how you can add value to your business. For an instance, giving more refined appearance to your commercial floorings or walls? Or giving some creative fusion to our office space? If you think it’s too difficult for you to handle it, why not hire an interior designer.

If your current flooring is covered with carpet, give it a change. Rip it off, and go for more timeless appearance with solid timber floorings or engineered timber floorings. Which timber floorings is best? Your choice can further widen as these timbers are available in several color options like spotted gum, blackbutt, rosewood, grey gum, blue gum, natural oak, whitewash, kuku, merbau and many more.

Timber flooring options are understandable suiting both financial and aesthetical requirements. Previously these were traditionally approached options but now, these are all set to turn the table around and create a footprint on the modern era. These floorings are available in wide range of colors, stains, species and styles. The availability further expands as they are available in finished & pre-finished options. High quality engineered & solid timber can last for years and every generation.

Hardwood floors are suitable for high traffic areas and abstain every wear & tear situation. They are tough for wearing and as they hail from organic origin they are healthiest floor attracting less amount of dust, molds and allergies.

They are most reliable, safe and elegant option for your commercial space.  We guess, there should no longer be any space for confusion, while picking hardwood timber floorings. Timber floorings are sure to increase the value of your building. True! Small amount of investment today, can reap huge junks in the upcoming years. Probably, we have addressed you question of why timber flooring?

Being an experience holder we can precisely say that timber flooring is the best investment adding ambiance for any room with value enhancement opportunities. Each grade of timber woods supplied by Glorious Floor carries warranty with three super grades “Good, better & best”. Each plank of timber floor holds variations.

These variations would give unique appearance without compromising in quality. However, you need to be alert and careful when placing sharp edge furniture, as it will dent your hardwood floors. Sometimes, people who have installed timber floorings in their space can hear popping sounds while walking to and fro across the floors.

Well, this isn’t any kind of defect, its natural. Every kind of hardwood undergoes through a process known as patina which may be caused by uneven subfloors. So if you use adhesive to fix hardwood floors make sure to use trowels to uniformly place timber floors.

But be careful! Hardwood is not at all suitable for using in bathroom floors for they are not good moisture absorber.  Neither should you use this floors underneath kitchen sink nor do we recommend you to wax the timber floors.

Quick tips to prevent your hardwood for wearing down quickly;

Allow the timber to dry and settle after installing

After applying fresh coat of one must wait exactly 48 hours to dry the coats. Don’t immediately place furniture, as there are chances of putting dent mark on the floors. For about 2 weeks, do not place nay kind of rugs, for the coat requires time to get complete cure.

Be careful of scuffs & scratches

Use protective padding underneath your furniture. In order to preserve the floors, use protective rugs, mats with castors. Castors are sure to reduce damage.

For 7 days, allow your fresh new floorings to breathe. Take special care of your floors for they are going to serve you for ages. Strictly disallow using high heels inside and around the house. Nor allow your cute pets to use nails and claws to scratch your investments.

Clean dirt & water immediately

After you have invested chunks on timber floorings, why not invest few more on trapping mats. For, they are sure to minimize exterior dirt. While small rugs and hall mats are also likely to collect dirt but still they are not so efficient like trapping mats.

Sweep common areas, with soft bristle and mops. Allowing floors to remain wet for long period would change the moisture of timber floors causing cupping or expansion. Just with the intention saving few more minutes and energy don’t use steam mops, for they can directly damage the floors.

Use only suitable cleaning products

Household detergents are a big no. Have you even seen the components present in the household detergents? They are harsh in nature and require re-coating of floors. Further, Kerosene and Methylated spirits further degrade and make flooring dull. Get a PH neutral floor cleaner, if you are unaware about such product ask your manufacture or specialist.

Promptly wipe spills and leaks while for sticky substance damp the cloths, use it to wipe it completely.  It is very important to get rid of algae or moss from the floorings. Get rid of it, before it completely makes your floors an algae garden.

Protect floors from harsh temperature

Extreme exposure is likely to rash down the floors. Extreme exposure of floors can fade the actual flooring colors. They change shades over time and create dark patch. So exposure to sunlight, temperature, moisture accelerate the entire process. Rotate mats and rugs, use coverings to prevent direct contact of sunlight.

Often re-seal your timber floors

Inspect your hardwood floors & walls annually. Regular maintenance is must for exposure is likely to discolor it. So once cleaned, re-seal the timber deck with oil or varnish. Allow the varnish to dry before allowing inflow of high traffic.


Do’s & Don’ts for timber floorings in commercial areas

As a new investor you might not be aware of the maintenance of it. Nor are you aware of how to keep it in a tip-top shape. So, quickly we are sorting major do’s and don’ts you must strictly follow to preserve its timeless elegance.

  • Don’t move heavy furniture & fixtures without using any protective or furniture coverings.
  • Don’t ever use wet-mop floors. Waters can damage, dull finish and even dis-color the floorings.
  • Don’t wear high heels, studded shoes inside or around the timber floors, as they are likely to dent the floors.
  • Don’t allow sands or glass to sit on floors for they can damage every finished floors. So, regularly sweep the floors.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents, chemicals, or oil based soaps for cleaning purpose.
  • Do consult installer, specialist or manufacturer if you have any queries.
  • Do place rug ways, mats at exit and entry points to strictly prevent dirt and dust.
  • Do put gliding’s underneath furniture before pushing around the furniture.
  • Do place rug underneath kitchen sink.
  • Do clean spills with napkins or paper cloths.
  • Do close curtains or pull your window shades down to prevent overly exposure of floors & wall to external temperature.

One needs to understand that, hardwood floorings are a life time investment. Your responsibility doesn’t end here, for making an investment is an easy part but protecting your investment for generations is a challenging part. Hardwood floors are not any ordinary wood. And the similar cleaning practice is not acceptable. Therefore, it is important to protect the protective coat to actually keep the timbers in good shape and condition. So, for tip top flooring condition routine maintenance is a must. For commercial complex, hiring cleaners can be beneficial.

Glorious flooring, sell Australian best brand hardwood solid timber floorings and engineered timber floorings. The floors supplied by us, are at a reasonable price i.e. at a wholesale price, therefore, every buyer may have a clinch on the quality of the product. But we guarantee you, no quality compromise despite reasonability in price.

For immediate queries including timber cost queries, contact us now, our hostile representatives are always there to rescue you immediately. For more product queries send in the details of your desired product and mail us at

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