MYTHS of Timber Flooring, Believed by all


Timber can firmly stand during the test of time, and can wholly change the appearance of your home. Even though encountering the fact, there are still few people who get little nervous when opting timber as their choice. Can we say it an unfortunate misconception?

Eventually we have spoken lots about the suitability of engineered flooring in the Australian homes, but now we will try to remove the myths associated with it;


Timber floors lack sustainability

Well, that’s something which is just a myth planted on the head of the consumer by that person or near ones who has no clue on the sustainability of the floors. Luckily, there are heaps of sustainable options, you can actually reap from it. You get the best benefit of hardwood without environmental impact.

An engineered timber flooring is perfect as an Eco-conscious choice, as its only used on the upper layer of the flooring.


A big ‘NO NO’ on wet floors

A greater misconception again. Who said a timber flooring can’t be used in area prone to moisture like Kitchen? In fact, kitchen is the most suited place for it to be laid, as it brings the sense of warmth to the flooring space. You just need to be alert on the cleaning process.


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It gives a cold feel

On what sense? Just because it’s a hardwood it gives a cold flooring somewhat like tiles. In fact, beauty of flooring brings in the sense of warmth inside the home.


Has high maintenance cost

Hardwood maintenance takes up lot of time & money. But the reality is different. Timber floors are easy to take care of. All you need is a quick sweep, to get rid of the accumulated dirt, and once a week vacuum cleaning works like a miracle. Make sure to wipe immediate spills to avoid wooden damage.


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Expensive in nature

On the long-run when you see the cost benefit attached to it, you will understand its affordability. Timber floors may cost expensive in comparison to other flooring options, with years passing year they actually cost you less money.

An engineered timber flooring, is more effective than any solid options.

Glorious Timber Flooring creates a perfect floor for you with our engineered timber flooring solutions. Our range of engineered products are designed in such a way that they are suitable for Australian conditions. We offer numerous styles, which confidently sneaks in with your kind of style.

Manufacturing in regards to the environment, you get the highest quality product from the stunning range. For the premium timber flooring Sydney, contact us!

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