6 Ways to protect your Hardwood floor from Christmas Tree!

Yes, finally after endless working hours the Holidays are here! The favorite time of the year. Where every one of us is busy partying, conducting a family gathering, going on a vacation, enjoying baking with the kids, and above all eagerly decorating the Christmas tree. The best season, where every one of us, is taking a break, laying back and doing things that they have been eagerly waiting to do during their long breaks.

While we are enjoying, playing around, inserting trees, our floors get neglected.

This happens every year. On installation and removal of trees, the floor gets beaten and there are times when the floor needs to be re-finished and sanded.
Christmas tree can severely damage the floor if no precautionary is taken. Thankfully, this 2019, Glorious Flooring has got it covered! Check out the tips and merrily enjoy your Christmas to the fullest.

Ways how a Christmas Tree can damage a floor

• Watering a tree? Even a gentle spill can damage a floor
• Pine needle dropouts can scratch the floor
• Greasy food drops stains the floor

A right precaution taken to protect the floor, will save your fund from sanding, re-finishing and replacing.

Protecting your floor from the Christmas tree

• Avoid overfilling water in the Christmas tree.
• Don’t slide the Christmas tree on floorboards.
• Use a protective barrier between the floor and stand.
• Take measurements before damaging the floor & ceiling.

Here are the solutions for protecting the floors. Protect it before getting it ruined as well know, prevention is the key!

Step 1: Clean and get your floor prepared

Primarily clean the floors either with a hardwood flooring cleaner or microfiber mob in the right way. Floors add a beautiful touch to your space. And there is a high debate on how to clean the floors?
• Routine cleaning in high-traffic years, including space where the Christmas tree is installed.
• Sweep, vacuum and mop after watering the Christmas tree.
• Water is the worst enemy, so immediately wipe the spills before it damps the floor.
• Never use cleaning products as they might rust the flooring textures.
• Strictly don’t use oil, wax and furniture sprays.
• Don’t use alkaline, ammonia or abrasive cleaners.
• Prevent the use of vinegar or lemon mixed water solutions to clean the floors.

Step 2: Create a strong barrier between the tree and floor

Before the arrival of the Christmas tree, make sure to create a barrier between the floor and tree. This will prevent the water from reaching the flooring and damaging the finish.
The best remedy for this is to put plastic drain trays, these would collect excessive water and prevent the waters from penetrating the floor surface. Extra level protection to your Christmas tree and your floor.

Step 3: Using a Christmas tree stand and mat

Christmas tree stands and mat another great solution for floors. These stands and mats are designed to protect the floor from spills, leaks, stains, pine needles scratch. These mats are attractive and can be used under a tree during Christmas and under furniture in the remaining seasons.

Step 4: Shaking off the loose needles

Before taking the tree inside, make sure to shake off all its loose needles. Regularly vacuum the areas around the Christmas tree and mop the surroundings.

Step 5: Plastic Sheets under the tree

Be sure to place the sheets around the Christmas tree. This collects the pine and protects the floor.

Step 6: Don’t drag around the Christmas tree

Never drag around the Christmas tree even if you have protected the floor with sheets or rug, it will scrap the floor. So, don’t make a mistake!
Glorious Flooring wishes, every one of our visitors a ‘Merry Christmas’! We hope these tips would somewhat ease the pressure and make your holiday an enjoyable one. For any flooring related query contact us or visit our website www.glorioustimberflooring.com.au!

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