Glorious Flooring has best timber floorboards in the entire Silverwater, Sydney town available at a wholesale price in wide range, width & grades. Our boards are very much easy to install in any indoor or outdoor areas.

Solid timber is robust in nature and is found in its natural form. These floors can be refinished plenty of times during its service period and can be installed on grade or above.

The unrefined beauty & warmth of these flooring adds lifetime satisfaction. It is highly desired by architects & interior decorators as even in the wear and tear situation the solid flooring can be re-sanded & coated.


Why Glorious Flooring?

“Get MAJESTIC & LUXURIOUS touch in the uttermost spacious form.”

  • Crafted with passion: Our passion is truly reflected on those solid woods. Your naked eyes can see the authentic character, high-quality finish, and textures.
  • Easy & Easy Installation: Multifit system allows you to install the floors anywhere quickly & easily.
  • Durability & Quality: Glorious Flooring puts in extreme energy and knows how to fulfill or know how the commitment of “Quality” into woods that you can enjoy for long period. As proof, we give you a warranty in our products.


Color Options Available for Flooring

  • Spotted gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Rosewood
  • Grey Gum
  • Blue Gum & many more.


Advantages of using Products form Glorious Flooring

  • Last for more than decades: Every five years you will come across several people replacing their carpets due to stains, shabbiness & holes. But, not in case of hardwood, for with passing years, the floors look more elegant even with minimum maintenance.
  • Hygienic factor on peeking: Hardwood flooring are easy to clean. Simple dust & brush mechanism is easy enough to maintain hygiene around your corporate or individual place. There exist no horrifying situation of sticky parasites or allergic dust or animal pops staining your beautiful floor.
  • Positive health state: It has numerous health benefits including moderation of blood pressure and heart rate, refined level of the emotional state, self-expression and improved air quality.
  • Say goodbye to unpleasant odor: Carpets are a trap to animal odor or drop out food smell. A clean shiny inviting wooden floor will totally eradicate odor’s and give a welcoming gesture to your guests.
  • Investment for a lifetime: Solid wooden floors add value to your buildings. It is likely to sell twice the amount then of ordinary flooring. So, there is no room of illusion on the value enhancement of your property.
  • Temperature Adjustment: During wintry days, tiles & marbles makes your room cold & unpleasant while carpet on the summery days gives you an oven-like experience. Solid Wooden floor adjusts the surrounding temperature and releases cool & airy experience in summer and give you cozy, warm experience in winter.
  • Superior acoustic: Floorboard, when installed properly, prevents vibrant and hollow sound.
  • Durability & Ageless quality: Timber flooring is hard, tough & durable. When other floorings look exhausted and ready to be thrown out, it will still spark its elegance. The presence of high-end-aesthetic never goes out of style and gives you a spacious appearance.


Solid Timber Flooring is not at all recommended in the moisture-prone area but is suitable in the busiest portion of the complex & residence. You can enjoy the flooring immediately after installation. Before supplying the flooring, we treat it with 7 layers of UV cured lacquer & modified oils so there is no requirement of sanding.

Call us now! To get an exclusive product and service from Glorious Flooring! We confidently accept our timber flooring range to be outstanding.

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