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Glorious Flooring service does not end only with flooring service. To further ease our client’s requirement we also sell, flooring accessories at an affordable rate in Silverwater, Sydney, Australia. We are a one-stop shop for flooring service providing every flooring essential so that our clients do not have to worry about their further requirements.

As we are in a direct wholesale business, our clients never have to panic about their finance, quality of the products & after sales service.


The durability of the floor is highly dependable in a good underlay material. When laying a premium quality floor, non-usage of underlay may damage the floorings within a year. While a high-quality underlay ensures the longevity of floors with ideal pressure stability.

Underlays offered by Glorious flooring consists of agglomerated cork mixed with other essential composites like EVA polymers or recycled rubber. It can be acquired in different size according to its applications.

It is a useful flooring accessory which is great in improvising thermal & acoustic insulation. It has an attested feature of punctual conformability, thermal resistance, water vapor resistance, sound reduction with comprehensive strength. Further, it helps in leveling of the floor before final laying of floorings. Hence, its an optimal solution for space renewals & any new flooring projects.


Does your flooring meet all the requirements? Have you applied correct adhesive? Applying correct glue for flooring is a must to retain your floorings for long-term. There are plenty of flooring glues in the market and you might know which glue is best for your wooden floor.

Glorious Flooring has a wide range of adhesives suiting your parameters. We have glues to fix your wooden flooring, tiles, soap-free surfaces and non-absorbent defatted which has elastic bonding & can be used for underfloor heating.

As a highlight, we have polymeric adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, dispersion adhesives & alcoholic adhesives.

Plywood (12mm,15mm,18mm)

For accurate smoothness and thickness combined with durability, Glorious Flooring plywood is a favorable material for high-end special use. An ideal application for residential and commercial construction at an extremely low cost.

We have a range of plywood in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm which can be used as a supporting structure for Solid timber floorings, Engineered timber floorings, Bamboo floorings, and Laminate floorings. These are medium density fiberboards which is less susceptible to water and which can easily be painted & polished.

Plywood’s of Glorious Flooring are made from thin sheets of veneer which has been acquired from debarked woods. These thin sheets are piled and affixed together adding strength and stability. Plywood can be used in making shelves, cabinets, containers, furniture & floorings.

Flooring Trims

Finish every of your flooring projects with our flooring trims. We have flooring trims which are ideal cover strips used for different types of flooring with different heights. These are perfect accessories complimenting your existing hardware’s or floors. These are excellent in bridging gaps between floors which adds a perfect professional finishing touch to your renovations or new flooring space.

Glorious flooring trim includes L channel (10x25mm), L channel (20 X 35mm), flat-cover, high-low channel, stair noses, 12c channel, 14c channel, and 18c channel. While we offer color options of Bamboo, Blackbutt, Black Walnut, Jarrah, Kempas, Spotted Gum, Teak, European Beach, Silver, Gold, Oak, and Champagne.

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