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Luxury with sophistication! Bamboo flooring is graceful flooring alternative without draining your bank balance. Glorious Flooring is Silverwater’s leading Bamboo supplier, offering Bamboo flooring service at a wholesale price in Sydney.

Bamboo is known to be the fastest renewable natural resources on the planet, as it carries the potentiality to be re-harvested every year. Further, the Bamboo floors offered by us is produced as an engineered flooring or solid plank.

Our bamboo floorings can be easily installed, nailed, floated or glued. We take pride in distributing environmentally friendly, flooring accessories of premium grade. Fusion of bamboo and technology has made flooring concept more versatile.

Why pick Glorious Flooring for Bamboo Floorings?

Color Option

Cleaning & Maintenance

Bamboos and hardwood floors are similar. You just must dust, mop and deep clean once a week. As we are a flooring professional, we don’t supply low quality bamboo floorings which would tear and fuzz while trying to re-finish.

Things you need to know about Bamboo Floorings

Affordability & quality represents us! Rely on us for every kind of bamboo floorings, to know more about our Bamboo Flooring products, kindly contact us!

QUICK FAQ's on Bamboo Floorings

1. Will Bamboo Floorings need expansion gap? What exactly is expansion gap?

Yes, bamboo floorings do need expansion gap. Expansion gaps allow Bamboo planks to naturally contract & expand according to external temperature. Absence of expansion gap would initiate cracks and lift up. After bamboo floors are fitted make your installer cover the gaps with bamboo flooring accessories.

A parameter which is left around the room while installing bamboo floorings is known as bamboo floor. The gap around the room should be 10mm and to make the flooring space easier one can use flooring spacers.

2. Which Bamboo Floorings to be used with underlay?

Every types of bamboo flooring can be used with underlay. As bamboo floorings are dimensionally stable, one can use both engineered or solid bamboo floorings with underlay. Underlay makes the entire fitting process easier & straight.

However, underlays are not useful for large space or commercial property. Incase, you want to lay bamboo floorings in a large space, make sure to glue, nail or screw the floors in a fixed position. For an underfloor heating, underlay allows sufficient transfer of heat. A click fitting bamboo flooring prevents use of glue, screws or nails.

Before laying bamboo floorings in any space, make sure to cover the entire room with underlay. Only after that start laying bamboo floors on the top. But, before that fix the flooring planks together.

3. Are there any Bamboo Floorings with anti-slip lacquer?

Every bamboo floor supplied by Glorious flooring comprise of matt lacquer with anti-slip properties. During production, layers of lacquer are added to bamboo floors. It has a matte presence which will not vary the texture of the floorings plank. While the anti-slip lacquer is an added benefit for slip-resistance.

An anti-slip lacquer protected floor is easy to clean. All you need to do is, clean the surface floor on a daily basis to prevent dust & dirt build up. Alternatively, mop & water can be used but you must wrung it out. Excess water on bamboo floorings can damage your floors.

4. Does underfloor heating go with Bamboo Floorings?

Underfloor heating acts well as a radiator in bathroom, kitchen and other space of the rooms. Bamboo floorings is a natural heat retainer prolonged to transfer heat evenly. Bamboo floorings supplied by Glorious Flooring are very much stable and can be used with under heating system maintaining the temperature levels. This is a good selling point for properties requiring very little maintenance, once installed.

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