Statement wall via laminate floors: Are laminate floorings suitable for wall floors?


After residing in rented apartment for years, you finally buy your own house! Years of hard work, years of savings, years of sacrificing jamming, night parties have finally made your dream come true. You owe a house, your own home, where you can design every corner using your own verge of creativity, where you can snuggle up any time, where you pets can do endless of mischievous activities and your children can showcase endless of wall art.

Moving to place designed by someone else, would leave you searching for ways to modify it according to your personality. Adding your own version of customized touch can make your ideal space a legendary one. Great picks can leave you satisfied, so why not settle with laminate flooring while you are still sane.

As revealed by popular magazine, Business Week, while renovating home 12% of couples consider divorce while 88 % end up sleeping in separate beds. Hilarious! Right, difference in opinion dragging you to court, so why not create your own statement wall using laminate floors.


Can laminate floors be used on walls & are they scratch proof?

Yes! Laminate floors can be used on walls. Just say hello to stunning walls with laminate flooring. Adding a distinct character of ship-lap look, pallet wall or another wall treatment is more reasonable than you think. Picking range of laminate for every dream space you would want to last for years.

The possibilities of laminate floors are just endless. One can surely approach for classic trendy looks in both vertical and horizontal layouts using different plank sizes and variety of textures. Be it a DIY approach or a professional touch create your own show piece for your home.

Laminate floors are durable and in extreme circumstances, your walls can get blemished. But it doesn’t mean that your floor’s beauty is tarnished, as there are several other ways to easily remove scratches to restore the originality of beautiful laminate floors in no time.


Create statement laminate wall from the guides below

  • Measure you wall

Before directly jumping your walls, take pre-hand measurements of wall you want to cover with laminate floors. You will be carving designs on the laminate woods, before installing in the walls. It is essential to take correct measurement to identify the exact width and height to ensure full coverage of wall.

  • Styles to cover the wall

According to your personality and space occupancy you need to determine the arrangements of laminate. So multiple pieces of wood when installed in walls, should be joined together to create a single solid piece. You might want to arrange the wood pieces in a unique fashion (horizontal, vertical or diagonally). Arranging the pieces roughly can generate another style while using long solid pieces fragmentally would be an easiest option.

  • Determine the laminate pieces you want

After getting a brief idea of length and width, you need to now decide the design and layouts you would want to use. If you want to use laminates which are wood stained, or in geometrical shape you don’t have to worry about the unusual wear and tear.

Take time to decide the patterns and laminate colors used in each individual room. Knotty wood laminate designs may not be a good option for your children rooms, while laminate floors with geometric shape or cartoon figures can be a good option for your kids to just love their bedroom.

While for your own bedroom space, consider the darkness of the wood when choosing over options because you would want to make your room cozy and relaxing one while you sleep instead of bright bling bling sparky one.

You can also head for buying the remnants, if you really want to bang in the bucks. The leftover pieces are available at the warehouse at a discounted price. So instead of blindly stashing all your finance, consider the budget and product disservice.


DIY to fit in laminate floors as your wall coverings

Supplies & Tools required

  • Trim
  • Stud finder
  • Laminate Floorings
  • Chalk line
  • Construction adhesive
  • Air Compressor
  • Safety glass
  • Pencil
  • Nail Gun
  • Table Saw
  • Shims to assure you with proper expansion gap


Quickly install flooring on a wall

Installation of laminate floor is as easy as installing floorings. You don’t need to tuck in chunks of dollars for professional assistance. The installations process is as like sub floors, but you need to permanently attach the floors to your walls so that it does not fall off. You do need an expansion gap to when installing the materials on walls as there are chances of encountering expansion and contraction situation due to change in moisture level & temperature.

  • Measure the width and height of your wall in order to determine the exact amount of flooring you need. An additional 5-10% of extra flooring should be stocked incase of any errors.
  • Before installing you need to allow your flooring to adjust with humidity and temperature. Make sure to refer manufacturing guide to exactly know the length your floorings need to acclimate.
  • Make sure to have an expansion gap of ¼” around the wall parameter.
  • Use stud finder to find studs in your wall, once identified mark them.
  • Lay your floorings on the floor to get an exact picture of how your walls would look like. Arrange them in ways that would appeal you. Avoid plank alignments.
  • Once your planks are laid out, its time to install. Load your nail gun, cut the tip of your adhesives and place it in caulk gun. Apply adhesive in “S” pattern.
  • Above the expansion gap, place your plank and nail it at the stud mark. Blind nail the plank and groove at the stud location. Repeat the process.
  • Use angle installation method and fold the flooring. Use adhesive in similar “S” pattern.
  • Repeat the same process of putting adhesive, installation and nailing.
  • To create a finished look, include trim work.


Before installing Laminate floors on wall, points you should remember

  • This guide is entirely based on laminate floors.
  • Before installation, your wall should be dry walled and primed. Do not install laminate directly on top of wall papers or panels.
  • For acclimation, installations and care instructions go through manufacturing guide.
  • Expansion gap is important when installing floors in walls or subfloors.


Scratches you can repair in Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are durable, but there occur some instances where your laminate floors get scratched. Instances like pet clawing are common, so what are the ways, we can abstain its scratch visibility? Installing laminates won’t stop your responsibility here! You need to take extra cautions to retain its glossiness and at the same time use quick fix method to illuminate the deep scratch.

  • Color with pencil

Minor scratch on laminate can be repaired by using a scratch pen. Find the scratch and color it with pen, and gently tone the area with soft cloth till its blends. Scratch pens are easily available in several colors to match the floor colors.

  • Floor repair gum

When scratch pens no longer serve, floor repairing gums are the only rescue. Deeper scratch and gauges call for immediate back up. With floor repair gum, you can fix in every kind of scratches under few minutes.

Apply repair gum on the scratch to make sure it reaches the groove. Use plastic knife to gently smooth the scratch area. Though it wont successfully remove the scratch it will require minute detailing of original blemish.

Once laminate floors are installed in your walls, you don’t really have to worry for years. Simple and easy cleanups, quick mop with clean and dry cloths can fix your finance from getting broke. Laminate sustains, spills and leaks, and can be quickly cleaned. You don’t need any cleaning liquids to keep the walls shining, just use a dry cloth with a bit of water to wipe it. There is no fear of getting the floors torn or tattered, nor do you have the fear of getting victimized from insect.

Glorious flooring has range of laminate products which are not only suitable for walls but also for floors. The not so compromise quality and reasonable pricing has made us supply range of laminate floorings in whole of the Australian market. We sure have managed to become household and commercial name for everyone & we look forward in becoming one of yours too! When talking about floorings, do contact us!

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