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The only priority after completing the graduation and landing in good job is to buy a car and a house. If you have a car you want to a good house, with possibly best interiors and flooring. For most of us living in Australia, getting an own house becomes a dream.

After years of dedication and hard work we make sure to perform every kind of acts to make it as beautiful and durable. And this can be really energy draining. Though you can paint the walls, add accessories, and replace the furniture with a budget, but laying an entirely new flooring is challenging.

In flooring replacement scenario, the materials must satisfy your budget the space. The choices do need a stormy brain when installing in bathrooms. Other choices are subject to preference, home style, and value in the local market. Additionally, the price, quality and style of the flooring should comply with the décor and value of the house.

No home decorating challenge is easy. But that does not mean you have to live with those same old ratty left out flooring. These days home décor is left with plenty of flooring options which are affordable. However, you can pick any of it in affordable price and gives the kind of advent you want.

But before that, you must understand your flooring project. Each of the flooring has the own version of advantage and disadvantage and find the ideal type of flooring for your space.

So, before commencing with the flooring project, we recommend you do a bit of research on the cost, quality and durability of the product. After doing so we are pretty much sure that you will find a floor that fits your space and budget.

Before proceeding with the best 7 flooring option, ask yourself;

  • Location: In which space the flooring is installed? Is it going to be laid in wet, semi-wet, high-traffic or dry areas? Will the selected flooring be useful in the selected location?
  • Budget: How much is your budget? If you don’t have the capacity to spend more than $1000 dollar, than believe us solid timber flooring is not a right option for you.
  • Feel and look: The most asked questions by the homeowner. Odd enough, the appearance of the flooring becomes less critical with the passing of years, as flooring manufactures becomes more adept to the natural look.
  • Maintenance: Yes, this is an important part, for you need to invest high amount of time in cleaning and maintenance. But if you don’t normally want to invest high amount in the floor maintenance than do reconsider the choice.

To get you going, here’s a quick glance guide to the best suited flooring for the house;


Laminate Flooring

An essentially low-cost flooring alternative to hardwood. The laminate flooring is made up of resin and pulp, looking more like real wood. This directly manipulates the viewer as they cannot differentiate between the real wood or laminate.

This flooring holds the capacity to mimic any hardwood style, from traditional surface like pine, maple and cherry.

The floor is made up of MDF (medium-density-fiberboard) core topped with a layer of thick polymer finish and photo. The installation of board is easy and quick as there is a system of click together floating floor installation. Besides this it can also be glued down.

Its finish is tough and of high-stain and moisture resistant. It does not allow the liquid to sit on the floor. Overall it’s a great flooring option in living room of the house.

Pros: Sturdy laminate construction resists wrapping. The tough plastic layer shrugs of any scratches and can be installed in any existing flooring.

Best for: Kitchen, living room and playrooms.

Cost: The price may vary between $1 to $15 per sq. ft.



If your heart was originally set on the traditional hardwood floors and is still inclined to it, then you should go for it. Before that, there is two kind of hard wood that is available in the market i.e. Solid Hardwood & Engineered Hardwood.

The flooring is ideal as its re-uses wood from the trees which were chopped long time back. This salvaged wood can look beautiful in older traditional homes or cottage.

Hardwood must be purchased with an FSC certified label. This certification promotes responsible management of forests. The flooring is not a good option for rooms that frequently invites lot of traffic or water including mudrooms, laundry room and bathrooms.

Hardwood flooring for house comes in both pre-finished and un-finished forms. Solid hardwood has ¾ thick that can be easily glued or nailed to the concreate.

Pros: It’s warm, long-lasting and mingles with any kind of décor. The hardwood floorings can re-sanded and refinished several times.

Best for: Kitchens, main living area, hallways, lobby, bedrooms

Cost of hardwood floor: The floor can range in between $ 5 – $ 17, depending on the quality of the hardwood product.


Bamboo flooring

Another great option gaining popularity in the flooring industry. Bamboo is a kind of grass which holds the characteristics of hardwood. The floorings are durable, easy to maintain and provides easy installation. The product is sustainable and is made up of natural vegetation. The product is renewable, and is light-weight nature, can go with any décor settings.

The varied grains and wide color array give an edge to traditional flooring by allowing customization of the product.

Pros: Though its not hardwood is provided similar warmth and beauty. The product ensures durability and higher quality. As a grass its renewable and has some credibility.

Best for: Family rooms, kitchens and main living areas.

Cost: The price may vary between $5 to $10.

Glorious Flooring is the family owned wholesale flooring distributor in Australia. The products offered by us are of high quality and price affordability. To know more about the product contact us!

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