Best time period to change your floorings & what questions to ask your installer before hiring?

change your flooring

Decisions? A volatile topic where conclusion seems to be vague rather than concrete. But somehow this time you manage to make solidifying decisions of remodeling your house and give in a new flooring version. But when do you think is the best time to replace your ordinary floorings with best hardwood floorings?

Summer or Winter? Nope! Best season to replace and get everything done for flooring is Spring. The reason, it’s the best time of the year, and it contains no extremities of heat or cold which would eventually harm the flooring effect. The warm period of spring is an absolute best time to install floors.


Factors determined for picking Spring seasons are


Every new line is launched in Spring seasons, which means the older version just to get rid of it, is either dropped or slashed. So, this makes a perfect time to get your floor replaced. People willing to get their floor replaced have loads of opportunity to choose from, and for those who have a budget constraint will too have an advantage.


Dodge dryness & humidity

Extreme high or low temperature can severely affect floorings. Spring season is perfect for adjustments and installations, in humid hardwood floors mainly suffer from moisture absorbance. Humid further swell distort wood apart. While winter causes dryness and dehydration causing cracks. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install hardwood in these seasons, but make sure to use dehumidifier in summer and winter.


Airy Temperature

Installation involves loads of fumes, stains and adhesives. So airy room temperature is a must. For that your space needs to have ventilation. So opening ventilation for long hours during winter and summer can be uncomfortable for both family & professionals. Airy temperature of spring allows you best working environment.

Beside picking suitable season for installation of hardwood one must also be assured about the installer. Pickers should not only be cautious on selecting hardwood floors, they must also be alert in picking installers which they can rely blindly on. So, before heading or approaching towards any random installers, make sure to go through the following questions and ask your installer. If you get a positive reply, then go ahead otherwise continue searching for the best one.


Is your installer licensed & insured to perform your work?

Without making an inquiry, can you totally depend on setting your dream house? No, don’t rely on installers immediately or on person to person marketing. Don’t do that, marketers are hired for doing marketing job and they are doing it well, but the later part depends entirely on you.

Knowing the information will help you identify whether your installer is trustworthy and involved in legal activity rather than illegal act. It means you can total get reassurance, so that you won’t get involved in any kinds of legal compliance.

Unexpected events are likely to happen, sometimes with floors or flooring materials. If’s and but always surround you. What if the installer while installing floor covers in floors and wall accidentally cut one of your electrical wiring? What if somebody accidentally tamper your water pipes? Accidents can happen at any point of time.


Is your installer NWFA qualified?

A certified NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) are universally recognized in industry. NWFA qualified installers are highly committed and have mastered every installation process who would still give continuation to practice and education, to maintain advance level skills. So, blunder mistakes from such professionals are just NO! NO!


Are they skillful to record and measure humidity & moisture content?

If you go through every NWFA guidelines you will come across, proper recording and measurement of moisture content of every hardwood floorings, along with the humidity. Manufactures needs to mandatorily surpass this information to the buyers and installers, to avoid future flooring issues. Absence of records can void your offered warranty period.


Any installation guarantee offered by installer?

A big investment is required while installing hardwood floorings. So before plunging and blindly trusting your installer make sure to take a guarantee from them.


Are there any positive and references from the reviewer?

Every version of installers has entered digital marketing scenario. Traditional ones who are lacking behind, their part of reference can be obtained by consulting with their previous clients.

Do some research, make use of internet to find out about your installers specially on Google reviews or Yelp. While going through the reviews you will sure to encounter few of negative reviews, but on that basis don’t judge the installer. Few comments are normal, and not a solid reason to exclude installer.

Go through every review, if positive reviews are comparatively higher than negative ones, that is 20+ positive and few negative ones, then its absolutely one, but if its vice-versa, don’t think twice just change your installer.


Remember to get of their after-work activity

Installation is a messy job. Instead of grumbling with your installer later, better upfront and ask them. Straightly ask them how will they protect every light fixture, window furnishings, and large appliances? Are they going to pull out your old materials and get it disposed or are there any other procedures to protect them, just ask them? While you might think your installers do have cleaning protocols after messing it, but that isn’t always the case, ask them.


Duration of the undertaken task

An important piece of information, that surely needs constant follow up. Not only will it allow to frame an outlined project but also helps you in identifying an expected timeline for flooring project. Any change in plans can be easily included. Ask them every detail of project process and estimated project completion period with lead times.


How will they handle acclimation & payment system?

Acclimation an important part during hardwood installation. Improper acclimation allows exaggerate gapping resulting in permanent damage. Installers give first preference to their client’s design plans, as per customers client timeline but do make sure not to skip any important steps in installation process. While performing and handling any installation work, you yourself must go through manufacturer guide.

And before the commencement of work, if your installer asks for payment then it’s a red alert. But if they are seeking advance to pick or carry out any molding job then give them. Generally, installing requires a deposit before work performance and remaining amount after job completion.

Hardwood floorings are a lifetime investment. And you have spent half of your saving to add value to your home. The first thing before making an investment is the considerable amount of time that you can give in to maintain it. The foremost thing that you need to understand before installing it, is cleaning your wood floors is not just whipping the wood, it’s cleaning polyurethane.

Wood just lies beneath the polyurethane, so it’s, in fact, important to protect the coating and keep it in a good shape. Your everyday maintenance should be ambitious to protect the coats from moisture, heavy wear, and scratches.

Glorious Flooring is the only quality wholesale distributor who supplies hardwood floorings as per the requirements of the client at a reasonable price, without any quality adjustment. Our flooring products are available with manufacturer guide so that the buyers develop well-known knowledge before hiring any installers. So, for quality products and price reasonability in the entire Sydney region, do contact us, our staffs are there to cater you with your every requirement.

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