Blackbutt flooring: A hardwearing floor that loves water!


Flooring is probably the first few things your guest would notice when they visit your home or office décor. Your flooring plays a distinct role in creating the space ambience with several patterns, allowing you to accentuate the appealing decor.

A light toned hardwood popular for its appearance, blackbutt hardwood can be of any color from fade brown to golden color or even pink permeate. There are hundreds of timber species, Black butt timber flooring has earned the popularity in the Australian flooring market this 2019.

The unique color and diversity options has made it the most wanted choice for the interior designers and homeowners.

Australians today are promoting more of Australian products, therefore, Australian timbers harvested around Queensland and around the north coast of New South Wales are more into preference. And keeping the demand on mind Glorious Flooring brings in plenty of designs, finish options and colors.

To assist you in making a right pick, we give you an overview of the Blackbutt Flooring & the factors that needs to be considered.

Consists of loads of Natural Features Including;

  • Burrs (aka burls)
  • Knots
  • Insect trails
  • Gum pockets & Gum veins
  • Surface Monitoring


Dimensions of blackbutt floorboards

  • 180 x 20.5 mm
  • 130 x 19 mm
  • 108 x 19mm
  • 85 x 19mm
  • 63 x 19mm


Several Grades available in Black butt

  • Natural grade: It consists of rough rustic appearance to flaunt the hardness of the wood. In fact, it has the rawest appeal. One can get at least one significant feature in every board.
  • Australian grade: It has moderate natural features and expose more natural portion of the hardwood species.
  • Standard & better grade: Has variety of features, with moderate boards on it.

An ideal pick for both residential and commercial interior, but while selecting the wood you need to keep in mind that different woods have different visual appeal, which can go with different decor.

A key factor that needs to be embedded in on the preference chart. The natural structure & texture must be seen and felt. And you are also given the option of brush or non-brushed texture. Moreover, its not necessary for you to cover the whole floor with the same texture, you can use contrasting or mis-match patterns for a quirky decoration.

Hardwood timber flooring is manufactured by using next-generation methods, the floor is designed to retain the toughness, stability and waterproof. The following are the advantages of Black-butt flooring;

#1. High performing

The floor has rigid floor boards, containing mineral compounds with superior stability. This means, once installed there are low chances of movement, and it holds a tough characteristic which are tough and durable.

#2. Genuine Wood Appearance

It has a solid wood texture. And the planks are available in classic and super width.

#3. Resistant

The floor is resistant to every day’s wear and tear. It is waterproof as the spills in woods cause no such blunder damage. Which is highly recommended for commercial premises, office spaces and homes. The planks when fitted with acoustic pads reduces noise, and add a layer of comfort.

#4. Covering contemporary and classic designs

The floors are available in modern and contemporary subtle. The floor provides, personality and warmth flaunting beautiful textures.

#5. Quick & Easy installation

When you purchase timber flooring, a clean and stable installation is a must. So, if you hire a timber installer, you can get it a perfect finish. Wood floors are also a great choice for renovations.


Ways to install Hardwood floors

#1. Floating Floor

It does not attach to the sub-floor. It is a cheaper and easier method for installation as only fewer tools are needed. Click and lock system exists, though adhesive might be needed in few spaces.

This can be installed in any virtual surface, or under any layer of foam. Another added benefit is that planks get an extra space for contraction and expansion.

#2. Glue Down

While other installation might leave a small gap between planks and sub-floor, gluing seals it and create a solid stable floor. These eliminates noise by the planks connecting the sub floor. It also increases the longevity of the floor; hence it can be considered as the most prominence option.

#3. Nail/Staple

These are used to attach planks with under floors. Nails are used for thin planks, though staple is an easier method. Nails when you try to force it down in a plank it might break it, while staple easily inserts and at a same time allows a room for expansion and contraction. Nails are not at all re-commended for humid places.

It’s a dream of many homeowners to install natural wood in their living space. However, the investment involved in solid hardwood can cause financial trouble for most of the owners. Due to which another suitable similar option is searched for. But Glorious Flooring, want the property owners to achieve their dream, and hence, we provide timber flooring at the most affordable rate in the entire Silver water, Australia.

From unbeaten quality to price for different types of flooring in Sydney, we have it all, Contact us today, to know more about the flooring products and its prices!

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