Can Double Layer Underlayment Flooring be used with Laminate Floorings?


You asked our experts a direct question, and now as a professional we are answering you straight for the raised questions.

And the answer is NO! It is not recommended to install double layer or thick underlayment with a laminate flooring.

Let’s talk about the underlayment first. Underlayment is especially manufactured for using it on a single layer, with a view to balance and float the floor.

If you install any additional underlayment, just keep in mind that the base of your floor will end up being too soft, which could jeopardize the whole of locking system.


What can you do?

You can install a premium underlayment. To enlighten you more on it, here are few options.


  • Vapor 3 in 1 underlayment

These are three in one underlayment, with a premium underlayment feature. With 3mm thickness, it holds sound reducing properties, airflow technologies and a thick floor to improve subfloor imperfections.

The inbuilt airfloor technology in this underlayment allows your floor to get proper floor exposure to the air and make it mild dew free.


  • Ultra-seal Floor Muffler underlayment

It is the best sound reducing options in the market and has been awarded by the researcher as “The World’s Greatest Underlayment”.

Further, the advance technology present in it protects the structural stability of your flooring. Hence, its moisture proof, and you can easily install it in cement subfloors.


  • Silent Vapor 3-in-1 Underlayment

Allow your flooring to exhale & inhale. The multi-functional underlayment offers robust insulation. And can be optimized through lab test to provide lasting impact.

When walked onto it, there is no chance of sound transmission to adjacent rooms. The existing features, allows formation of channels, ensuring constant exchange of air by eliminating water vapor.


How to calculate the square footage of the room?

When planning to buy laminate flooring, one needs to have idea on the calculation part. Figuring it out is quite easy. Depending on the layout of your space, you may use any one method. Irrespective, the base equation is the length of your room which is multiplied by the width of it.

It’s not much complicated. But it might be tricky one, if your room isn’t perfectly a rectangular or square shape.

Below we shall note down several scenarios and briefly describe the process of calculating the area for laying the flooring.


What you need?

  • Calculator
  • Tape measure
  • Notepad/Pen


#1. How to measure and calculate rectangular room?

It’s a simple equation. To calculate square footage, you must multiple the length of the room and its width. You will measure this, from the inside of the room. For an instance, we will be using room that is 10ft X 20ft.

Equation: Length (L) X Width (W) = Square Footage

10ft X 20ft = 200 sq.ft


#2. How to measure footage of a room having closet?

Do you have closet in your room? Installing flooring on it? Here is hoe you can calculate total square footage of a room having closet.

  • Split the room area wise.
  • Measure every area of the room separately.
  • Calculate the footage of individual space by multiplying length by width
  • Total Room: Length (l) X Breadth (b) = Room sq.ft
  • Area (1): Length(l) X Breadth (b) = Room sq.ft
  • Area (2): Length (l) X Breadth (b) = Room sq.ft
  • Add the calculation of each of the space to obtain total square footage. (Total Square: Room sq.ft + Area 1 + Area 2 = Total square footage)


#3. How to measure the square footage of an odd shaped room?

Yes, this is a dramatic one. Most of the customers get into trouble trying to figure out the actual footage area of a complex space. When you try to measure it at once, you are sure to get a wrong figure. And the consequences can be a lame one.

A problem may start with a room with open floor plan and several closets, odd-shaped spaces, nooks and built-in. Instead of trying every backfiring plans, lets keep it simple and straight.

All you need to is divide your space into proper shapes (rectangle or square). After that you can use simple calculation formula of length & width. Completion of division work, the only thing that’s left is to sum up individual spaces you calculated.

  • Separate the room into rectangles and squares (Area 1, Area 2, Area 3).
  • Measure each area, rectangle or square separately.
  • Calculate the square footage by implying the formula length (l) x width (w).
  • Area 1: Length x Width = Area sq.ft
  • Area 2: Length x Width = Area sq.ft
  • Area 3: Length x Width = Area sq.ft
  • Add the calculations of each individual steps i.e. Area 1 sqft + Area 2 sqft + Area 3 sqft = Total Square ft

 Don’t Miss Out the Waste Factor!

When buying flooring, don’t forget to take consideration about the waste factor. You should add 5-10 per cent, to your total square footage as a wastage during the installation process, extra cuts, damage or errors. You really don’t want to end up in the middle of the installation.


Installing flooring is a biggest decision. You can’t hurriedly make it and then later regret it. Your investment will get locked or even go down in drain. Make wise decision before it. If you have no clue, you can approach for expert advice.

Glorious Timber Flooring not only offers you laminate flooring, we also provide you professional assistance in selecting a right kind of flooring. A separate manufacturing guidance shall be provided by our teams, so that you can yourself take the initiation of fitting the laminate floors. We possibly have everything that you are searching for.

We are located at Silverwater, Sydney, Australia, our products can be availed in the whole of Sydney. Guaranteed product at an extreme reasonable price. If you don’t believe, you can even visit our store.

You can check the quality, compare the pricing offered by other flooring provider in Sydney, if satisfied than you can purchase it. Contact us today!

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