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What kind of flooring is best for your office space

As they say, First Impression can be the Last one, similarly, a messy workstation can leave a negative print on your client’s mind. Consequences, you can lose your client. A right office floor can lessen half your burden while increasing your office value.
Besides, interior & décor floorings too embark your work impression, so a right commercial flooring blends both aesthetic with functionality.
A smart choice for your office floorings revolves totally around budget, traffic, designs and maintenance requirements. Glorious Flooring professional advisor has loads of tips guiding you to choose the best flooring for your office.
Further, your office floorings need to blend in with both usability & designs. For an instance, a hand-scraped hardwood may not go as décor for a sleek modern office, while a natural laminate glossy flooring with various prints can look exotic and at the same time be a budget-friendly option.
While laying floorings incorporate, the first thing you want to know about is its applications. Flooring for a busy traffic area requires a different flooring, so you need to match surrounding, material, use and traffic. Other remaining aspects include ease installation, maintenance factors, and durability.

Considerations to be made while picking floorings for your office space


Transactions of flooring material are important for high traffic area. Glossy laminate floorings are attractive and elegant but are can be slippery when there is spillage. So, taking safety factor in preference, it is highly recommended to go for hardwood floorings, which is water resistant. It is a material which has extra traction like epoxy quartz with a high coefficient of friction. While setting floors in commercial area floorings should be non-slippery resilient which are less injurious.


Flooring creates an ambiance. For an instance, carpet is popular for creating warmth and ease, but this is not an appropriate flooring for busy traffic areas as it can accumulate and stack dust & dirt and requires frequent cleaning & maintenance.
On the other hand, laminate & timber floorings do not only release comfort but are also very much easy to maintain. Timbers though have hardening appearance it is soft and prevents your legs from getting fatigued.

Durability & Replacement

Despite regular maintenance and extra cautions, many commercial applications wear out and they require frequent replacements. The longer the life of a material, lesser will be the cost. Further, durability can also be balanced against remove & replace. For an instance, though granite is durable in nature it’s hard to remove, while laminate floorings are both durable and easy to remove & replace.

Cost & Installation

Any floorings while purchasing is sure to accumulate initial cost including purchase cost and installing cost. However, we need to both take a close look at the upfront cost and long-term costs (cleaning, repairing and maintaining). There are cases where selecting expensive floorings may seek fewer repairs, maintenance with longer life.


Massive costs may be associated with maintaining commercial floorings. Laminate & timber materials are extremely easy to maintain as one can just sweep or vacuum on regular basis and is prone to stains.
Materials like carpet, stone requires a heavy amount of labor to maintain its appearance.


Once your requirements get identified research and compare products. If applicable, take advice from professional experts i.e. professional advisory of Glorious Flooring about the cost and material about the flooring suitability.

Appearance can impact any corporate brand. Designing a stylish business space with Glorious Flooring contemporary options can surely release a positive impression on every client and even positively motivate the employees. Glorious Flooring designs are practical & durable enough for every demanding commercial space.

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