Discover the unique requirements of floorings in a cool Cafe!

A cafe floor is not a place to lay down expensive flooring, however, it needs to set down with the finest of embroidered flooring structure. What with the tread of hundreds of customers feet and the constant food spillage, so its expected that your typical flooring should be durable?

If you are a cafe owner there are chances you are only inclined to think about the aesthetic features you would want inside your cafe, alleviating the safety needs. So, what we say it’s important to find out flooring which are sturdy as well as stylish in nature.

The following floor combines both hardness as well as appearance, to create a pleasing experience amongst your customers and to protect your cafe premises.


#1. Laminates

Attractive, appealing, and cost-effective the floorboard is made up of 4 layers, from the strong backing sheet to decorative layer on the top. Due to presence of various stratum, laminates are incredibly durable, while the decorative portion can be printed in any form or image you desire.

Figure out the kind of image or pattern you would personally like to highlight in the cafe. You can surely make you own personalized logo, on the floorboards while you can also use it to create a beautiful wall piece. You can combine the same color for the floorboards and wall boards to create a theme or you can just mismatch it.

In laminate range you can get stone, wood, geometrical design. You name it, the floor seller is sure to give it.


#2. Solid Timber Flooring

For more sophisticated and elegant look, solid timber flooring are hotter in trend. If you owe a small cafe near a busy street and you want to attract a high flow of customers to enjoy the served food, firstly what you need is a cozy place for your customers to settle in.

A place where they can relax, enjoy good food and hostile environment. And, solid timber works wonder for it. The floor lasts for generation, and can withstand any kind of rush and pressure on the floors.

The texture is obviously natural wooden one. Your cafe can experience natural insight. It gives out more lustrous and warm feeling. No doubt the visitors can sense a heartily welcome.


#3. Bamboo Flooring

No doubt luxury is sophistication. A graceful yet durable alternate for every financially gripped cafe owner. From being sustainable to pocket friendly bamboo flooring has a veteran charm. Easy to nail, easy to clean, the flooring holds no boisterous maintenance in the day to day opening of cafe. Onetime cleaning right before opening and cleaning right after closing is enough. But the owner must be a bit careful on the food drops and spill, as there are chances of stains on the floor. Regarding durability it encompass hardness and toughness equivalently more to solid and engineered timber flooring.

One can find bamboo in premium grade to basic. Further, it is also known to be the fastest growing natural plant which can be harvested every year. It can be floated, glued, nailed and installed without any hassle.

The owners can take pride on the environmentally friendly decision made.  With the fusion of bamboo flooring and contemporary food, yes, the cafe is sure to be popular in its location.

The floor is distinct to hardwood, it is a worthfull investment holding easy maintenance. One can get color option of natural, carbonized, mahogany with other variants.


#4. Engineered Timber Flooring

Stable in nature and maintains no gap is the feature of engineered timber flooring. It is available in several hardwood species such as spotted gum, black butt, natural oak, vintage grey, kuku. It can be re-sanded and re-coated like traditional timbers. It also offers multiple surfacing and has excellent ductile strength. It removes sub floor unevenness and resist water and fire.

The engineered floor needs simple vacuuming and cleaning just to remove stone, dirt and grit.  One can also use floor protectors to reduce the marks and scratch.

Decor matters a lot in today business. Ancient decor can wipe your business out while blending with every contemporary one can boom your business. Similarly, flooring is the bone for every interior, picking a right one can showcase the brand of your cafe. So, we advise every cafe owner to pick flooring in a wise manner as it can make your business or break it. For consulting and purchasing flooring in Sydney remember Glorious Flooring.

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