Eight Advantages of Laminate Flooring!

advantages of laminate flooring

Do you wonder why Laminate flooring are the most popular flooring amongst all? Well, the only answer is its affordability with a sophisticated appearance.  Choosing new flooring concept, leaving the traditional floorings behind can be mind-boggling. Trying new concept can be risky, but not in the case of laminated floorings.

Laminated flooring is affordable, durable and still looks amazing. To further make your concise clear, we have 8 reasons why laminate flooring can be a perfect solution for your family.
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  1. Cost of Laminate Flooring

Affordability is the key reason for the attraction. Laminate flooring is less expensive than other types of flooring. The engineered material composite gives flooring durability and strength. Laminate flooring gives you tile look or hardwood without breaking your deposits.

You can’t deny the fact that renovation costs lump sum amount. At lowest possible cost with the best result without making an adjustment in aesthetic appeal, sustainability, functionality & practicality.

Glorious Flooring offers traditional colors & European oak series. You can get ultra-stylish, luxurious interiors at a decent wholesale price!


  1. Longevity of Laminate Flooring

With aluminum oxide top coating, laminate flooring refrains dents, scratch, stains & fading issue. Laminate flooring has been engineered straightly for busy household and commercials. Make sure to pick laminated flooring with a rating higher than three.


  1. Time appealing appearance

As laminate material is made by using high-definition printer it creates realistic designs i.e hardwood designs, tile décor, stone with varieties of texture. These are available in different plank styles, thickness and surface treatment.


  1. Quick Installation

Save hundreds of dollars with quick installation. Groove & tongue locking system makes it easy to install. You don’t actually require a license holder to fit in laminated flooring. Laminate can be “floated” in every existing floor, so its really hassle free as you don’t have to glue, nail or staple.  It’s a great material to do any kind of DIY.


  1. Environment Friendly

You can recycle and re-use laminated floorings. If you don’t like the appearance of laminate flooring in your sitting room, you can just remove it and place it in any corner you choose. Installation of click-lock planks is easily re-useable.

Even manufacturers make use of environmentally friendly practice to protect the environment, hence it’s eco-friendly.


  1. Quick cleaning & maintenance

For busy people cleaning job can be a hectic job. You can’t spend 4-5 hrs just cleaning your floors? Laminate floorings are the best option for busy people. They must spend a few minutes in cleaning & maintaining it. Daily sweeping is the only effort you must keep it in great shape.


  1. Warranties to save from being broke again

Every manufacturing offering laminate floorings offer a warranty. You will get a minimum warranty of one year which can be extended by the manufactures accordingly. For a year your floor will be protected from defects.


  1. Other considerations

Versatile flooring with no limits. Laminates are good for the busy area but not for watery areas. For serious water leak areas, laminate floorings are not recommended by expertise. These floorings are moist but not waterproof, it can tolerate mopping and cleaning but strictly avoid mopping in gaps and edges.

To know more about the laminate floorings and their eligibility do call us, our representatives will help you out in finding the exact kinds of floorings in Silverwater, Australia.
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