Engineered Bamboo Flooring on a budget this 2020


An environment friendly choice- is it really a green option?

Bamboo flooring has yarned heavy flow of attention since its first introduction. Though referred as hardwood flooring, bamboo is a grass that intensely processed to produce flooring. While strolling in market to buy bamboo flooring, you are laid out with few options of engineered bamboo flooring and stranded bamboo flooring.

Engineered bamboo flooring, means the grass strands are sliced, shredded and then compressed back together with glue and heat to form a strong flooring board. Bamboo is a natural surface containing properties like hardwood. Naturally light in color, it can be carbonized to darken the surface.


How is Engineered Bamboo Flooring made?

On a first look, engineered bamboo flooring might not appeal you, as it portrays the appearance of sliced solid length. These bamboo flooring are not the natural form of bamboo as it consists of a backing layer made from fiber board and cross-laminated plywood.

The thin veneer for the engineered bamboo is obtained by slicing the stalks of bamboo into thin strips. The strips are then, boiled in boric acid, to remove the starch and pests. On completion of the boiling process it’s sent to the shredder and then mixed into a thick pulp. The mixture becomes inter woven and then powerful adhesive is added. The mixture then is placed in mold to make it a dense solid bar.

Engineered bamboo flooring are stable and waterproof the board is coated with transparent solutions which holds water resistance property.

The floors are available in click and lock planks, tongue and groove planks that can easily installed, without professional help.


Price of Bamboo Flooring in Australia

The cost of bamboo flooring in Australian market vary in between $8 to $25 per square foot excluding the installation charge, so if installation service is taken than additional charge of $5 to $8 needs to be paid.


Pros and Cons of Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Engineered bamboo is a popular choice because of its unique green appearance and durability. While the product presents you with certain pros it also has few cons.



  • The only green product ‘Engineered Bamboo Flooring’. The time taken for a bamboo flooring to grow is less than 3 to 5 years. This is a renewable grass and sustainable product as it does not take 150 years to grow back like hardwood. You just cut and in the same place another stalk shoots.
  • Non-allergic product, with no pungent smell. One of the major benefits of having engineered bamboo product is that its non-allergic as it does not harbor allergies and dust, so people suffering from allergy issues will have no problem and this will make the whole breathing process easy.
  • Flexible Installation of click and lock, and tongue & groove is available. However, depending on the sub floor you can nail, glue or install in floating fashion. This allows you to put it over any sub floor without encountering any issue.
  • Water resistance. The material is slightly more resistant to water damage, and stains.
  • Price & Durability: Engineered bamboo are strong, hard and durable. The properly harvested un-carbonized bamboo flooring after processing becomes stronger as a red oak. The price of Engineered bamboo in sydney, varies, however Glorious Flooring is a wholesale seller offering the bamboo floorboards at an affordable wholesale price.
  • Style & Finishing: Bamboo is surely another name for elegance. It appears to be like hardwood but in a distinct form. However, after certain period the floors might get dis-colored or scratched, luckily the flooring can be refinished, fresh finishing coats can be applied to give it a new look.



  • Lack of grading system, as no independent system exists. Most of the retailer sort lots in Grade A and Grade B without reflecting any individual gauge. This makes it imperative to figure out the right quality.
  • Humidity & Water damage: Though the product is resistant to water damage, excessive moisture can brutally harm the surface causing it to wrap and mold. Further, even if the product is installed in humid area the moisture in the air can cause the floor planks to plump. While in the dry environment the planks can shrink. In both the circumstance, a thinner crack can be observed in the surface.
  • Not suitable for few spaces such as bathrooms and areas near kitchen sink. The water can harm the floorboard, which can make the whole space appear unappealing.
  • Surface scratches and dents. Though hard in nature, the product is still relatively soft making it gain scratches and dents. Dragging the furniture around the space can cause gouges, while the unpadded heals of furniture can lead to nips & marks. 

Planning to define your space with a new flooring decor this 2019. Bamboo flooring might be the one, which can neatly fit in your budget and style taste. For more information on the product texture, and price, contact us! We are 24/7 available to assist you.

Glorious Flooring is wholesale flooring in sydney, offering every type of flooring at a much affordable price.

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