The Best Engineered Timber Flooring Trends for this 2019!


With the varied preference and taste of home owners and interior designers, the flooring requirement has inclined to another level. Before that one needs to understand that flooring for each living space is not only a choice of comfort but a luxury filled with aesthetic elegance and appeal.

For homeowners there aren’t any dearth choice when talking about flooring. So, for now we are all set to usher the latest 2019 trends, particularly concentrating on engineered flooring trends. The internet is buzzing and adapting newer trends that are not only stylish but also durable.

But before that lets understand about engineered flooring. When coming across engineered flooring, what strikes to your mind? A basic floor or some lucrative space offering an outward luxury?

Well, engineered flooring involves bonding of two or more layers of wood, making floors more robust and sturdier preventing every kind of weather-related wear & tear or any damages.

This flooring solution has become the biggest taker in whole of flooring range leaping towards massive demand for engineered timber Flooring.

Timber flooring is all about elegance and timeless. It’s been a favorite component and popular choice for centuries and never seem to go out of style.  However, if this is made for commercial purpose, one may be highly worried more on the installation of genuine hardwood.

Let’s explore the upcoming floor space which is sure to gain popularity after hitting the market.


Engineered Timber Flooring Trends

  • Distinct patterns

Engineered timber flooring has gone through a fair metamorphosis. We have observed wide geometric designs and angular layouts with vertical and horizontal patterns. These new iconic designs have managed to occupy more of indoor areas, releasing more aesthetic appeal to your inner space.

  • Wide Boards

Popularity of wider timber boards are just phasing out as engineered timber floorings are making out more way for narrow sleek designs bringing every varied size and widths together. This is an old trend which has again entered to flooring business as most preferred choice. We are sure to see more of these kinds of design in the upcoming years.

  • Color Pallets

These grounds are experiencing refreshing burst of warm colors. A final relief from the standard dull grey color. Engineered timber floorings have launched soft browns, cream and rusted colors encompassing various new properties. Even manufactures of engineered timber floorings are standing in ques to experiment the new version just to lay in new taste for the buyers.

  • Recycled choice

Timber floors are finding in ways in becoming more sustainable, environmentally friendly choice by tying in recycled timber during the process of engineering. In fact, they give in rustic element to the finished products by brining in some natural erosion, cracks, tiny holes which gives an overly rugged feeling. This is the most desirable pick which can create an off-beat design.

Depending on the area, your flooring is surely the heart and soul of every home. Re-modelling can be an expensive part. When you think about renovating living rooms, hallways, bedroom and bathrooms you are sure to get ripped. A careful planning is suggested while doing the entire procedure.

It does take a right amount of skill to design an attractive space especially when you have limited budget. Nevertheless, there always exist a significant gap between output and expectations when their financial limit.

Every homeowners desire for full renovation and are often hindered by the total cost of the project. Fortunately, there are still ways to push the costly project.

Other famous trends are cyclical resurgence in chevron and herringbone styled floors, which are jointly adapted in commercial and residential purpose. Past five years 90 per cent of the projects involved more of engineered floorings with underfloor heating in colder region. In this you can get a look of solid oak and ply.


Know the actual cost of the entire projects

A careful planning is highly required. Trying to think how much it will cost is not at all a fun task, but you should know that redoing can be a tedious task. Further, you expect the rooms to be functional and beautiful without creating much hole in your pocket.

For this you can seek a reliable expert advice, where you can discuss design layout and materials by reducing the cost.


Popular Floorings finishes

There has been a bigger shift towards hard wax and oil finishes. These offer organic look and offers smooth texture due to protecting and oil penetrating the timber. The oil and hard waxes found in the market are of either low VOC or free of VOC compared to solvent based products like polyurethanes.

When searching for engineered products, one should choose certified products free from radiation, formaldehyde and solvents.


Quick flooring tips for engineered timber

Firstly, timber is a breathing product and hence it needs to be maintained properly.  Just like other natural products it needs due care and attention. Hard wax oil infused product requires an extra attention. Though it gives you a beautiful floor is does need regular cleaning to keep it up mark.

What one needs to do is, damp mob on fortnight basis with appropriate cleaning. Secondly, consider the timber grade. Timbers are available in three grades. First one is a clean board with minimal knots featuring natural grains. Second one is a natural grade with a good composition of prime grade boards with knotty rustic feature. Third is an antique grade having lots of characters with massive knots to create organic and natural look.

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