Engineered Timber Flooring vs other Wooden Flooring


One of the best ways to flow in style and add value to your property is install hard wood surface flooring. When talking about hardwood flooring you do have the choice of selecting traditional engineered wood or solid hardwood floor.

Engineered and Solid hardwood are both hundred per cent wood though they have their own individuality. Traditional hardwood is made from a single solid piece, whereas engineered hardwood is framed from layers of plywood with a thin veneer skin and wood layer on bottom.

When engineered flooring entered to a market, clients saw it to be a perfect substitute. With updated technology in manufacturing, it managed to become most preferred flooring for every homeowner. Hardwood flooring are available in different structures, finishes and profile types. Hence, it has become a successful pick. So, why should you choose engineered hardwood over other flooring?


Moisture Resistant

Hardwood immediately responds to moisture. It adjusts to any circumstances to shrinking, humidity, expanding and depending. However, it is subject to water damage.

In summer and spring its likely to expand, while in winter it can shrink. But installing it to laundry areas, bathrooms is not a good decision. Installing protective moisture barrier onto hardwood flooring can allow installation of flooring in any space.


Installation in every space even where traditional flooring can’t be installed

Traditional flooring are stapled or nailed down. Due to such existing limitations it can only be installed on a plywood base. Do you have a concrete flooring? Then hardwood is not a good option. It is never installed to any float or sub floor base.

Engineered flooring has numerous installation method. It can be glued, nailed, stapled or can be used with floating lock or fold method. An underlying pad can be used with lock and fold while laying engineered hardwood flooring.

Floating installations are great for houses, condos, slab foundations and concrete areas.



When talking about the maintenance area of hardwood, engineered hardwood has both merits and de-merits. A traditional hardwood if exposed to humidity for long time floorboards get permanently wrapped.  On the other hand, engineered hardwood can highly withstand any kind of moisture in a much better form.

Traditional hardwood after getting damaged can be sanded several times, while engineered hardwood can’t be sanded several times. It can only be sanded lightly just once or twice on top of the wood.


Cost Factor

Both traditional and engineered hardwood come in series of choices and price range. Harder the hardwood more expensive it will be. Reasons, hardwood takes long time to grow, and greater the time period higher will be its price.

Whereas the cost price of engineered hardwood is entirely based on thickness of the veneer layer. Thicker the layer more expensive will be the flooring. Engineered hardwood is expected to save money on the installation area as traditional one seeks for more building supplies.


Differences between wood flooring types

Mainly emphasizing on three types of flooring we are offering details on laminate, vinyl, solid and parquets.


Parquet Flooring

It originally got its name from the French regime called “parquetries” and is in the flooring market since the 16th century. A traditional parquet is laid in triangle, squares, geometric, angular style. It can also be made from solid or engineered woods.

It can be used as a flooring for hallways. But it needs relative constant atmosphere as it is easily damaged by water and humidity.


Advantages of Parquets flooring

  • Adds warmth, elegance, beauty to the interiors.
  • Relatively easy to maintain, as regular sweeping and cleaning products can keep it at their best form.
  • Its long-lasting and durable.
  • It adds more value to your property.


Drawbacks of Parquets flooring

  • Susceptible to scratches and scuffs even from the heels of stilettos. Once damaged it can’t be repaired. It needs full restoration.
  • Flooring texture can fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Subject to damage from humidity and moisture.
  • Frequent alertness is required- its important to seal, sand and polish.


Vinyl Flooring

It comes in fabulous finishes and designs. It is highly resilient which means it can be utilized in stimulating various pattern in hardwood, marble, stone or ceramic.

It can be laid in both commercial and residential property including kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.


Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

  • Durable and can stand for every ordinary wear and tear.
  • Avoids marks and scraps.
  • Less costly, which is why it’s a preferred flooring.
  • Available in several designs, to match every interior.
  • Easy to maintain and is slip resistant.


Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

  • Cannot withstand heavy loads.
  • Can easily be marked by pointed objects such as heel shoes.
  • Direct exposure of sunlight can fade the colors, so not recommended to use for outdoor purpose.


Laminate Flooring

A multi-layer synthetic product infused together via laminated process. It stimulates wood with a clear protective layer onto it.

The best places to explore laminates are playrooms, rooms and study rooms. Some product also includes waterproof which can be laid in bathroom areas as well.


Advantages of Laminate flooring

  • With every aesthetic beauty you can get the desired floor at a much cheaper price.
  • Its relatively lot easier to install.
  • The surface is also less prone to scratches and scuffs.
  • Its durable and long-lasting.
  • Imitations of material is available in wide variety including wood, marble and stone.


Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

  • The joins can possibly wear over times.
  • The damage is just irreversible due to moisture impact.
  • It can neither be refinished or re-sanded.

As a customer you have every right to pick affordable yet valuable flooring for your complex. As a user its important to evaluate and quantify each and every merits and de-merits of it. For once purchased and installed it can’t be immediately removed for it may cost you even higher than your planned budget.

So, for quality flooring products well tucked under your finance, remember Glorious Flooring. From solid & engineered flooring to laminate and bamboo you even get a wide choice of flooring accessories.  For immediate queries do contact us. We will guide you in every aspect and help you figure out your right kind floors.

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