Fabulous and inspiring flooring ideas for 2020

The floor is the unsung hero of the house. Often overlooked (quite literally) in favor of eye-level design elements, the straightforward fact is, an unsightly floor will bring down the whole aesthetic of an area, making it an important consideration for any space.

Flooring will not be one of the last items chosen when decorating. But now, with numerous flooring styles to suit every room, a wonderful floor treatment is usually the primary item to pin onto the mood board. Whether you would like budget-friendly laminate flooring, sustainable real wood, or are trying to find a softer touch with fitted carpet, take a glance through these stylish flooring ideas and prepare to interrupt new ground.

From tiling to carpeting, vinyl, concrete, then far more, there are many various flooring options to think about. So, to assist you to select the proper floor for any situation, we have checked out some of our favorite floorings and a few of their most attractive options.

Self-leveling floor

Modern coatings can fix uneven floors. Self-leveling flooring is meant to make unusual and glassy surfaces that brighten up interior decorating with stunning images, lighting, and optical illusions.

Polished concrete

Concrete is very durable and resilient which makes it a well-liked choice for kitchens. And since concrete may be a man-made product, many various colors and textures are made readily available, to match any home decor scheme. Space, decorated with elaborate framed artwork and a chesterfield sofa, is transformed into an edgy artists’ getaway, with the polished concrete floor creating a singular vibe for visiting artists and their creative workforce.


Wood is typically a well-liked choice for flooring but makes it trendier with multi-colored wood. Hardwood flooring is gorgeous and may add value to your home. It’s also durable and may be easily repaired if it gets scratched or scuffed. Laminate wood flooring is durable and resists scratches, however, if a budget brand of it’s placed in high-traffic areas of your home it’d start to seem worn after a couple of years. Laminate wood looks stylish and warm during a room and may also work well with other types or colors of wood.


Tile is usually considered a high-quality option thanks to its wear, scratch, and stain-resistant nature. Often, tile floors are utilized in bathrooms because they are waterproof and stop mildew and warping which will accompany wooden materials. However, tiles do not have to remain within the bathroom; you will find tiles in many clays, stone, and porcelain materials, during a big variety of sizes and hues. A patterned tile may be a fun addition to an extended hallway, and an inventive mosaic takes the tile design one step further.


Not only eco-friendly but stylish, bamboo flooring comes in many various colors, like brown or honey. It is a robust and clean surface, but it is good to recollect that it could become a touch darker if it is exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time. If you would like to be especially trendy, use bamboo flooring within the bathroom. However, make sure that all water spills and splashes are mopped up immediately as they occur to stop issues like swelling. Since bamboo may be a sort of grass, it is some great bathroom-friendly properties, like being germ, mold, and mildew resistant.


Because there is nothing sort of a real hardwood floor. Parquet floors are available a spread of patterns, and since they involve a high degree of artistry and precision, they are one of the foremost expensive flooring options. They are quite durable, and maybe re-sanded and finished overtime to increase their lifespan. Parquet and herringbone floors add a trendy twist to plain wood and appearance expensive. Repeating geometric patterns composed of small pieces of wood are around informal residences for over 100 years and now the zig-zag design is back in high-demand alongside more contemporary versions like chevron or this elegant Limed Oak herringbone floor.


Resin is most frequently applied by casting because it may be a petroleum-derived material that comes during a liquid form. Therefore, a resin floor offers an identical smooth and seamless surface to concrete, alongside an equivalent benefit of durability and low maintenance.

Painted floor

Sometimes flooring just needs a touch of color to return alive! Painting wooden floors are often a budget-friendly way of redecorating an area. You will even paint it during a fun, trendy pattern. A bright, solid color on the ground on some sides and the opposite hand, is often a bold and interesting move. Painted original floorboards look particularly attractive. For a serene feel paint, them a soft chalky cream or white. Or, if you are feeling daring choose brighter colors as you like.


Fitted carpet does not need to be plain. Turn the ground of your lounge or main bedroom into an artwork with a patterned carpet or add interest with a textured weave option. It’s much easier to cover those inevitable marks with a carpet that’s made from multiple colors or an intricate pattern. An outsized room is required for a carpet with an outsized repeat pattern to be truly effective though; this stylish geo style blurs the boundaries between fiber and tiled flooring. The patterned carpet may be a good way to feature color to your floor, however subtle branding can enhance your corporate brand. Sight savers use the circular lines of their logo to bring a bright flash to the hallway whilst emphasizing the soft curved lines of the walls. Carpet also helps to retain heat, keeping heating bills down for this conscientious charity.

Floor runners

Floor runners spruce up narrow spaces like entryways and kitchen galleys which may otherwise look sparse. Choose a color and pattern which will warm and enhance your scheme and fasten rug grippers to make sure high-traffic areas remain non-slip. The presence of a floor runner always creates a high-end and welcoming finish to an area.

Floor stickers

Vinyl floor tiles aren’t a replacement concept, but they’ve come to a great distance since their heyday within the 70s. Digital technology now makes it possible to print just about any pattern and therefore the adhesives used now make laying and removing vinyl floor stickers a breeze compared to old methods. This light Victorian-inspired repeat pattern looks subtle and stylish and can cost a fraction of the worth of porcelain originals.

We hope the ideas written during this article mesmerize you to make your creation on your home. Just confine your mind these ideas could also be fabulous and galvanizing for your flooring but the way to establish it and make exquisite magic is in your hand.

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