Know about the latest flooring trend for 2019 to woo every visitor!


We have completed two months of 2019 and heading for the third month. Two months did go on a blink, and we believe that this year is sure to be an amazing year for the flooring industry.  As a decent reactionary, its time to take a cursory look at the most amazing hardwood trends.

Before going on sequence, lets flip the pages of previous year trend. Hardwoods has continued to rise in terms of admiration and is still becoming a most preferred choice for every property owner.

Though there has been an invasion of wood- intimation floorings, the popularity of solid hardwood and engineered floors will continue to reside in the market. Cause for its continuous popularity is due to its stylish, natural, comfortable and timeless durability.

Though technology continues to advance other wood competitors like laminates, bamboo flooring, vinyl, planks is giving continuation in the same vein of hardwood, which is making the hardwood manufactures to be more innovative and creative.

In this article, we will be looking on every floor stains & color trend; sheens & textures, style & preferences in 2019.


Color & Floor stains in 2019

Warmer trends are in instead of redder tones i.e. darker tones are preferred instead of lighter ones. While cooler and brighter tones are also scaling up in the flooring market. Let’s analyze them in more detail;


Cool & darker toned woods

Remarkable demand on the dark and cooler products. When it comes to hardwood, there are two types of consumers; one who gives credence to style over maintenance and the other one who is in total love with the darker shade but still owe a room for adjustment due to easy maintenance. Which ever way you look at, its clear cooler tones are in the priority.

These tones are preferred both in walls and floors. Darker floors are challenging to clean & maintain. But if you are strictly a dark color lover, then you may go for dark walnut, coffee brown or a blend of colors.


Grey & Grey tone

These shades are found in wide varieties of woods; hardwood, laminate and vinyl designed woods. The demand for these shades started growing from the mid of 2011 and it continues to rise even in 2019.  However, with last few years, the color of grey is blended with brown to obtain darker grey tone.  While some, use it with blacks, ebonies and dark browns to obtain their desired pick. Trust us, these combos are sure to exist till 2022.


Light, Natural, Mute Color

Lighter tone is the opposite choice for darker one. A perfect option to go for natural color. A strong inclination exists to let go yellow and opt for more cooler tendency. Hence, people who are in jingle with modernization opt for more environmentally friendly and high-grade water waterborne polyurethane giving more light, contemporary and natural look.


Blond & Honey Wood

Blond wood gives you timeless feelings. It allows you to move for more contemporary designs including homic and rustic vibes altering your floors.

While honey wood is sure to swarm the floorings scene this 2019.  A little dark in color, rich in light makes your home space open and big. Honey wood floors comes with various trendy wood species and natural tone.


Whitewashed shade

Yes, the whitewashed shades are back in 2019. Those who are familiar with it in late 80’s they know their charm in the floorings. And we are glad to let you know that they have been brought back in a revived version with more modern appearance. They are available with more subtle makeup with matte finish.


What’s moved out in trending 2019?

Red & yellow tones

Red stain color and yellow stain color are out. These two are real challenging color and is difficult to combine with every interior decoration. So, these are not much liked by the designers as well.

Exotic Hardwoods with orange/red undertones

These kinds of hardwoods are expensive due to their red orange texture. And the concern why they are left out is due to the limited paint and decor options.



They are outdated and they make a bigger room look smaller, and a smaller room busier. When time pass by, they start to separate out and gather lots of dirt. Another issue, is that manufacturer have stopped producing them, so even if they wore out there is no replacement.


Floors with glossy shiny finish

These are impractical and very less preferred floors. They are not so easy to maintain as they easily show off dents, dirt and light reflections requiring more cleaning & maintenance.

Never allow your budget to block your creative portion. But don’t over do your budget and make yourself completely broke. Experimenting and giving your floors a completely new look can be exhilarating experience.  But those creativity must be within your financial limit.

While renovating the floors, make sure to prepare a check list and clearly highlight the does and don’ts. You can also clearly mark the portion which can be compromised in terms of cost. While selecting, floors dealers, go for those who supply quality products at a wholesale price.

Marketers today, claim their product to be number one from every assertive factor, but as a consumer you are the one who is responsible to go for thorough back ground check of their products and customers view. Check their clients review, if the reviews are good enough go for it, if it’s the other way around, drop them and head for new ones.

Never compromise with quality. Search for dealers who are genuine product supplier. For more range of classic  products, contact Glorious Flooring, we are Australia’s No.1 flooring & accessories suppliers who believe in quality assurance. To know about the availability of your picked product, do ring us today!

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