How blackbutt timber flooring add elegance to your living space?


“Timber is a natural product and is not manufactured, therefore it holds unique properties.”

Choosing a timber floor for your home is a way to ensure that you have smartly chosen durability.  Many people pick their timber flooring species according to their color requirement and pattern. Besides these there is more to look into, as you would want to ensure the floor to gain that timeless appeal for eternity. There are so many advantages of choosing the timber flooring.

While many rightly believe that timber flooring is durable and natural, it still can get scratched and damaged through carelessness.

But if you choose blackbutt species for the living space there are less possibility of generating scratches. Amongst all these, the most popular timber species high on-demand in Australian is Blackbutt. It has excellent hardness and contains prominent gum veins and insect marks. It may also contain some fine natural surface cracks. And it is not at all recommended for installation over heated sub-floors.


Quick look on Blackbutt Timber Flooring!

The Blackbutt hardwood has a straight grain and texture, resulting it to be popular interior applications. Blackbutt can be painted and stained. Its best finished when properly polished and sanded to highlight its natural character.

Blackbutt is versatile and can be used for several domestic applications, both interior and exterior. Some popular décor associated with it are; poles, frame, wood decking and other popular finishes. A blackbutt flooring is a premium range options, holding highest value, grown in the north coast of NSW.

It is a common plant found around the northern coastal area in an around Southern Queensland. The timber lands are carefully conserved and handled to ensure accountability of wood. Timber utilizes, fairly small amount of energy during processing compared to other material such as metals, concreate.

Timber has a longer working life as it itself is a carbon store.  It’s extremely durable and is available in much larger sizes such as 125mm to 130mm wide with a thickness of 14mm.

Blackbutt has loads of added advantages and natural features such as; surface monitoring, insect trails, knots, gum pockets, burrs and gum veins.

Black butt is available in several grades such as;

  • Natural grade: It has a rough, rustic appearance which flaunts the rawest hardwood appeal. As a rule, you can hold a significant natural feature in ‘rustic grade’.
  • Standard grade: Has a variety of features of mixed cleaner boards and moderate feature boards. And it is known as the cleanest boards.
  • Classic grade: With little natural features and clean boards, if offers more consistency sophisticated appearance and tidiness.
  • Australian grade: It has a moderate natural feature with more natural side of hardwood species.


Protect your Blackbutt timber floor!

You have definitely made a decision so far. You might have considered installing it? But have you thought about the maintenance part? Well! We are not trying to scare you but that’s the portion you need to understand attentively.

Maintenance here, does not mean that you need have to grind daily. As flooring expert, we are here to just give you a plaintiff easy advice for cleaning, protecting and looking after your new property.

A combination factors you need to work highly on is look after the wear and scratch of the flooring. There are times you need to look after the flooring coat where your floor gets exposed to dust, people’s movement, moisture and sunlight.


Less Dirt = Less Scratch

Timber is a resilient material, so scratching can be identified more likely in the coating area rather than floors. If you want to preserve the brand look of the floor you need to adopt few caring techniques.

Floor coating can be scratched whenever a footstep drags grits, dust or any other foreign objects. Cleaning regularly maintains the fresh appearance. We assume regularly is not what a job holder can do, but a weekly sweeping and vacuuming can extend the lifespan of the floors.


Roll a welcome matt

Keeping a welcome matt outside the gate allows the visitors to cut down the dirt traps in the shoes. A bit of psychology is involved. Whenever a visitor comes, they are sure to dust the shoes outside the gate and then move inside the property. However, such dap wont completely cleans off the dirt. Leaving the shoes outside, just like Asian culture can work wonders.

In a high traffic area such as living room consider adding a protective cover. It will surely keep the flow of dust under control.


Sunlight/UV Rays

Do you know, UV rays can seriously damage your flooring? If you remove the rug, you can get to see the variation. There are couple of ways to prevent it and lessen the impact. Move rug around so that every floor is covered.

Use curtains and blind to keep out of sun. They will you keep off the heat and sunlight’s direct affect on the floor.


General Maintenance

Preventative Care

  • Install protective, vinyl chair mats under installed Blackbutt timber flooring. Avoid castor wheel or plastic chair directly on the surface area.
  • Make use of high-density floor protectors while moving the furniture to prevent premature scratches and tears.
  • Use rigid protective sheets on the surface floor and avoid dragging of furniture on the surface.


Regular Maintenance

  1. Remove grits and objects by sweeping the floor on weekly basis that may scratch the surface floor.
  2. Immediately remove spills to prevent moisture.
  3. Never use abrasive cleaners, scouring powder or steel wool on the floor. Never use the steam mop or wax to maintain the originality of the floor.


Why Glorious Flooring for Blackbutt timber flooring?

Blackbutt flooring is surely an excellent option in the Sydney area, for those who need a long-lasting and durable flooring for growing families. It has high resistance to excessive to tear and wear making it to be a good choice for property investors.

The floor boards is available in neutral and easy to match colors, making it particularly easy for homeowners to retrofit in their existing home decors.

If you think Blackbutt flooring, can add glamour to your living space, then contact us!

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