Your living room gets to see a crazier version of activeness. It’s a place where your pet is always messing around, your kids crashing for movies, a cozy place to sit and gossip with friends, a formal space to receive your guests & space which gets to experience a whole of emotional dramas.

Yes, your living room is the messiest, busiest room of all, so you need an extra protection plus extra caution. Glorious flooring intends to protect your living room floors without hindering usual activeness.

When decorating your living room, the sky is your only limit. From beautiful flooring options to several decorating items creating your living space, allowing your imagination and creativity run free.


Hardwoods are cozy & render warm feeling. Despite its hardness, it’s easy to clean as you can easily clean spills & dirt. Further, it evokes rich, charming and classic appearance.

These are favorite and classic versions to upgrade floorings for any homemakers. A wonderful way to give your sitting space luxurious feeling. Smooth, polished floors can be topped with aesthetical decors infused with Asian Mediterranean style.

Considerations while choosing hardwood floors

Hardwood floorings are available in any of the virtual styles. Below are the requirements one should note while choosing your hardwood floor;

  • Species: Wood species determines its hardness, stability, graining & color. Oak is a domestic species while other include birch, maple, cherry, walnut, and hickory. Homeowners today, are searching for exotic species like jatoba and tigerwood.
  • Width: Strips offer sleeker style while wide planks offer rustic style to living spaces. Engineered timbers add distinctive decorations to formal living spaces.
  • Texture: Hardwoods lends history and heritage to your living rooms. Wormholes, marks are few which can relinquish more of a natural feel to your lounge areas. Today, even brand-new woods are given the same worn appearance, we can’t stop getting amused with techniques including chattering, hand-brushing, and wire-brushing.
  • Color components: Blond, caramel, black butt, spotted gum and many more. Yes, hardwood comes in an array of color options. In the sitting room, dark color hardwood can be appealing as it doesn’t showcase much of spills and stains.



There exist several types of bamboos you can acquire for your living room with different characteristics & properties. Bamboo floor planks consist of planks which are bonded together with adhesive resins. Strand-woven bamboo fibers harbor good strength and hardness. Engineered bamboo is affordable with good water resistance. Bamboo can be painted and stained in a variety of colors.

Considerations to be made while choosing bamboo floors
  • Styles: It comes in a range of constructive styles. Horizontal construction is strips laid flat to showcase rich grained appearance. Vertical construction features turned sideways strips which release more of contemporary looks. Wooven construction is the hardest of all bamboo compressed with resins and shredded strands of bamboo making surface beautiful and exotic.
  • Colors: Bamboos are available in a series of colors. But mostly found colors are natural, stained & carbonized.
  • Eco-friendly: For conscious homeowners, bamboo is a great choice. Unlike wood, bamboo matures fast and are easily renewable. Bamboo floors are solvent-free, water-based and are low VOC finishes contributing to better air quality.


Laminate floorings

Considerations while choosing laminate floors for your living areas
  • Color: You desire for wooden floors but is expensive? Switch to laminate floors, you get an exact mimicry of wooden floors at the least price. From black to bond, from patterns to any geometrical shape, you can get shiny floors.
  • Texture: More realistic textures can be obtained in laminate floorings. Rustic, distressed wood like appearance can be easily obtained.
  • Shape: Tiles, strips or planks, any shape can be installed. One can also combine the shape and give a single kind look.
  • Finish: Glossy or matte surface, the finish of laminate floorings never affects its durability.
  • Installation: Easy, quick, mess-free, glue-free installation. It required minimal maintenance as one does not need to wax or oil over years.

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