Is your pre-school flooring on a complete mess? Renovate this holiday


Many of the school works especially the repair and maintenance part is carried out either after school hours or during breaks. This pattern is not only adopted by schools but also by shopping malls and restaurants.

While the vast majority project is performed during lengthy breaks such as Easter, Christmas whereas the short projects are completed on the summer breaks.

One of the largest, and arguably the most important area of any school is to refurbish its floor, as this part holds traffic from students and teacher daily.

So, lets figure out which flooring options is suitable for school environments, together take a closer look on every flooring segment inside a school.


#1. Corridors/Hallways

Laminates can be utilized in hallways. Available in numerous patters and color the flooring can probably give out an interesting appearance for the little ones. While the childcare center can also make use of the laminates as their ceiling or wall flooring, for even better look.

Instead of using traditional resins or line markings in centers, why not use colorful, blingy laminates with geometric patterns. These floors are in fact safe to walk on. Though exposed to daily foot traffics it can withstand any sort of encounters leaving the environment more of welcoming one.


#2. Classrooms

For classrooms durability is a must. When installing floors, the idea is to stand the test of time, so when replacing the existing one, the flooring must last for generations. This one is the reason why hardwood has become a popular choice for child-care centers.

Inside a classroom, the little ones are sure to drag chairs and tables, drop items. So, hardwood can be the best one’s meeting every of the aforesaid requirements.

Besides, durability classroom floors need to be decorative and hardwood does have color as well as design flexibility.


#3. Leisure areas

Leisure areas inside a day care or child care must not only be clean, safe but also be germ free. Extreme soggy , accident prone, floors are a straight ‘NO’ for these sector. Plus wet areas are a definite source for breeding bacterias. Because of these a seamless solution is required, so that during cleaning period germs don’t hide them in joints and gaps in the flooring.

As the leisure area attracts more movement it needs flooring solutions which is durable, flexible and easily accommodate several pupils while playing around.

Engineering timber flooring, can meet the requirement. There is no chances of spills retention or easy breaks. Plus the floorboard is easy to clean and maintain.


#4. Canteen

Canteen get busy during the break hours. Food cluttering is all everywhere. From spills to tripping everything takes place inside the area. It surely needs to withstand high football movement of table and chairs. Beside that it does need to face harsh challenges such as dropped food. T

The flooring solution needs high chemical resistance, as over exposure of sugary food and drink can brutally damage the appearance of the floors.

Further temperature resistance is also needed, for too much of crowd can soar up the temperature and the flooring adding another layer of heat should be avoided.

For canteen area, one can use either bamboo flooring, laminates or timber. Suiting the budget the owner can make decision for all the three floors contains water resistance and temperature adjustment properties.


#5. Library

A quiet place of the every school. This zone is not only used by students but also by teachers who are willing to sit and study peacefully. In this sector of pre-school there is minimum disturbance.

Though there is frequent movement of chairs and  foot around, it still needs can opt for attractive and elegant floors like bamboo flooring which are strong and durable in nature and can easily resist several pressures.

Dusky or light bamboo an pick can totally enlighten the reading atmosphere. While the strength of the floors can last for more than 3 generation on row.

Being a pre-school decor needs additional observation. From being durable to safe, from dirt free to germ free it needs every small detailing. You don’t want your little tots to break their teeth while walking around right? Nor do you want them to break their hands, so as a owner the responsibility further adds up. As sometimes despite continuous research work we still end up selecting a wrong one.

So before making any decision why not take a flooring expert advice. Identify the pros and cons associated with the flooring you have decided to take. Glorious flooring is a wholesale flooring supplier in Silverwater, Australia.

For any sort of queries relating to flooring contact us today!

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