Slip & Fall in commercial areas can cost you High! Quick fix tips of flooring to prevent revenue loss.

slip and fall

Nightmare! You slip, fall and get hurt! Worst of all, you slip in the presence of the crowd. Nightmare can be same every day, every time. Widen pupils and swinging limbs, you just see someone falling and getting hurt. Your nightmare doesn’t end here if lawsuits are filed, you end up losing a heavy chunk of money. Weather your floor is uneven or maybe the shoe sole is just could not withstand your floors, whatsoever the reason may be the lawsuit is sure to break you down and take away your sleep over your flooring choice. And worse, the entire attorney fleet is enchasing everything you have.

Slippery floors do marshal accidents. According to the report released by TMH Law, over 2,000,000 accident cases are caused by floors or flooring material. And the entire responsibility of the accidents is laid on the head of the property owner or employer. The reasons for such inconvenience caused are due to,

  • Loose floorboards which are poorly installed easily come off.
  • Floor clutters lying on the ground which is invisible can cause slip & fall situation.
  • Torn carpets are inescapable to avoid long expensive lawsuits.

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Solutions to prevent Slip & Fall situations

As we all know, Prevention is better than cure, one can think carefully before picking flooring and getting involved into unnecessary trouble. One can take advice from professionals and use different flooring as per the traffics. So, let’s break down the aforesaid issues with definite solutions to prevent financial obligations.


Torn Carpets:

Replace it! Yes, instead of fixing it for short term, just replace it and protect yourself from complains and suits. Though it may cost you a little bit more, that amount is small before lawsuits including lawyer fees and compensation. It’s better you choose, floors which are easy to replace in near future such as laminate & timber floors. Timber floors to prevent the situation of tripping and falling. Just don’t get caught by slip and fall nightmares. As we know, with great responsibility comes the greater amount of stress. Levy your stress and trust Glorious Flooring to avoid exaggerated pain and suffering.


Solutions for torn carpets
  • Gather your utility tools i.e. heat activated carpet tape, steam iron, and a knife.
  • Use a utility knife to rip the torn part of the carpet.
  • Remove old carpet tape from both the sides.
  • Cut the length of heat activated carpet tape to fill the whole of edge.
  • Shove the tape underneath rip from both the edges.
  • Slide the iron to heat the first portion of the tape.
  • Move the iron to the next section of rip and press the edges.
  • Continue to iron till the rip flattens and firmly press on the edges.


Floor Clutters:

Putting everything in the right place takes extreme efforts. The initial period can be daunting but its worth to prevent your surroundings from slipping down. Parquetting can be the right choice! Wooden texture, spreading the aura of luxury with no stress of floor clutters. You get to see everything right from your naked eyes and get it off right away.


Solutions for floor clutter
  • Pick up the floors. Remove the stuff covering the floors and vacuum it.
  • Straighten and remove unwanted things to free space.
  • Re-arrange your space to create ample space to walk around freely without tipping or slipping.
  • Make sure to clean i.e. mop twice a week with floor cleaners.
  • Keep your thrash bin in every room to avoid messy floors.


Loose Floorboards:

When floorboards loosen up it starts making noise. Floorboards can either be nailed or screwed to prevent it. Over times screw and nails will start to come off and create a gap around the floorboards.

Solutions for loose floorboards
  • Inspect the floor that needs to be nailed.
  • Remove any raised nails by using screwdrivers.
  • Drill new wood screws in empty holes and cover the screw heads with wooden fillers.
  • You can also use deco sheets for flooring or thermal insulations to floorboards.

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your commercial space can do wonders. It takes away half of your stress and concentrate on the core area of your business rather than worrying about the slip & fall situation. Looking at the busyness of your surroundings, and time constraint one needs to make the smart choice when talking about floorings. You can’t take chances? Can you? Nor can you experiment every month, so take time, think & decide. If you are lost, then do take professionals help, Glorious Flooring is her here to fix you and save your time in finding proper and right floorings. Contact us Today, for flooring product information!

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