Planning to renovate your floorings with Hardwood Floor this 2019? Reasons why installing Hardwood Floors is expensive!

Brand new year is almost here, leaving every trail of 2018 behind 2019 is looking for more innovation, sustainability, and success. Even your floors are seeking a change. It desperately wants to try Hardwood floors to up stand your personality. An expensive pick, which you might think would rip you apart.

Though costly it may seem hardwood floors will pay for itself, during the time of re-sale. Survey indicates that more than 60% of home buyers are willing to pay more for buildings with hardwood floorings compared to ordinary carpet floors. So, there are reasons when you come across building with original hardwood floors.

As we all know, hardwood is a popular flooring option, but its price concerns every one of our customers. At Glorious Flooring our customer’s concern is ours, therefore we have worked hard enough to provide superior quality hardwood floorings at a wholesale price. But to make you understand why hardwood floorings are comparatively expensive, we have given a few reasons which may help you understand its reason for being costly. Three factors making the floors expensive is its style, species, and finish.

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What is the total cost of installing hardwood floors?

Hardwood includes classic beauty and characters to any space of the house. Hardwoods are available in different colors, characters, appeal and durability. Notwithstanding your pick, hardwood flooring needs to be installed by professionals, in order to make them last longer and proper.

An average building owner spends between $20 to $25 per installed square foot which automatically pulls in the cost between $3000 to $5000 when solid or engineered floorings is laid in the building.


Cost factors affecting installation of hardwood floorings

  • Types of wood (Solid Vs Engineered Wood): This is an important factor affecting the final pricing of the product. Engineered wood uses a thin veneer of hardwood species offering authentic hardwood surface. While solid flooring is made up of selected species of wood. These are traditional wood and are expensive than engineered woods. Which so ever product you pick it will surely impact on your finance.


  • Class of Wood: There are an array of species you can choose from. Species you choose in hardwood floors can affect the final pricing of hardwood floors. The price of the wood class depends on the availability, popularity, and accessibility of woods. Understanding the price of species, you need to take help from professionals so that you can minimize the final price of the product.


  • Unfinished Vs Prefinished Wood: Unfinished wood provide a higher and greater level of customization and consistency while pre-finished woods include the final layer of the protective layer on the surface. The process also includes sanding of hardwood. But when comparing the cost prefinished wood has an advantage as it saves labor cost.


  • The layout of your room: Yes, your room layout determines the pricing factor. If your room is simple, basic installation of flooring is simple or rectangular than flooring installation is easy while if it has curvy or tricky angles then you might need professional advice which may add few dollars on the installation. Installation of hardwood takes a long time and it needs correct tool for installation. Which further increases your final price.


Pay for the flooring you want in your space. It’s not worth saving a few dollars if in a later stage you regret it. If your heart is set on hardwood floors then go for it, just to save few dollars if you pick cheap floors you are sure to dislike it. Every day you walk on your floors it brings a sense of regret. Wooden floors aren’t cheap but once you invest in it today, you are sure to reap its cost later.

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