Solid Spotted Gum Timber Flooring

Spotted gum - Solid Timber

Is your workplace experiencing lots of traffic? Is your flooring situation not so stable to embrace it? Well, its high time to strengthen your flooring.

At Glorious Flooring, we have identified the best heavy-duty flooring options, spotted gum timber floorings for your business. To help you with the best, we have broken durability. No matter which flooring you choose the professionals at Glorious Floorings are here to help you!


What exactly is spotted gum solid timber flooring?

While giving an introduction to Spotted Gum Solid Timber Flooring rich individual timbers are desired by Architects and Designers all over the world specifically striking backsawn structure, vibrant color palette and attractive fiddleback.

These wood species are a large hardwood native grown in a variety of forest types in the coastal area of NSW and Queen strips. When determining the spot on the timber wood, the spot features depicts the shaded bark strips formed on the trees.

The heartwood in Blackbutt has a straight grain even texture which is quite popular for interior applications. It can be painted, stained sanded and polished showing of the natural characteristics. It is a versatile timber found in the forests of Australia. Timber usage fair amount of energy compared to building materials like concrete and stores carbon.

As it is durable it can be dressed and swanned to much larger sizes ranging 125mm to 130mm wide and round with a thickness of 14mm. Solid black butt has become a choice of many homeowners because of its longevity.


Detail of Species

Popular Name:  Spotted Gum

Characters & Features: Fiddle back, Gum Veins, Backswan grain, and Distinctive sapwood.

Scientific Name: Corymbia Maculata

Color: From dark chocolate to light brown color


Grade Descriptions while picking Spotted Gum Timber Flooring

Select Grade: This feature relatively small and few although they are visible these features do not dominate the flooring appearance.

Standard Grade: These gets moderately featured. Some characteristics of gum pockets, gum veins, burls and borer holes, insect trails that will be more prevalent.

Rustic Grade: These provides old wood charm and consists of features which are more prominent than feature grade with structural integrity.

Feature Grade: It is prepared with natural features particularly containing gum veins.


Factors that need to be considered when shopping wooden floorings

You need to look at the three things: grade, color, finish, and width.

Color:  The color of the wood depends on the species of the plant and tree you are buying. Confirm weather the floorboard is natural looking or stained. Further sanding it will reveal the natural color of the wood.

Grade: The grade pertains the veins and knots in floorboards. Before purchasing make sure to research or go through few options of solid gum. Ask the distributor weather or not the product is natural or man-made.

Width: The width of standard floorboards is 80mm. Narrow the boards wider will it be. Always aim for a right proportion of board it will give design flexibility.

Finish: Staining solid timber floorings will enhance color pattern while on the other hand coating can give your floors an additional glossy look. And yes! Not to miss it stretches the life of the wood board.

Glorious Flooring welcomes you all in choosing right floorings. We have solid gum timber floorings which are too one of our favorites from our timber collections. We are always eager is releasing the best quality products, so for the wholesale price and quality products Do Remember Us!

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