Stylish laminate flooring ideas for 2020!

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Start updating your floor. Explore the flooring ideas, use the hottest 2020 laminate flooring trends and get stylish and durable laminate flooring ideas that is sure to remain trendy for the next decades.

With the demand for more wood look like structures such as ceramics, vinyl styles, some people have started looking out for options which are sure to remain trendy. So, can we say that laminate floors are on their way to spark more options in the flooring.

Laminate has maintained its status as the staple to go wood flooring alternatives for residential and commercial use. A wide leap has been taken in the flooring technology allowing them to resemble solid hardwood more closely. Yes! the floor is sure to become a hot selling cake this 2020.

The real estate experts in Australia are calling laminates as the topmost options for adding value in the property. Laminates are the preferred flooring products which makes the homeowner dream come true to get a glamorous in an affordable way.

In late 80s, laminate though was manufactured, even the flooring experts were not sure on the product quality. The planks sounded echoey and hallow. And the designs were not at all appealing.

Not in this 2020! Time has changed!

Laminate flooring has gone stronger with more realistic appearance, mimicking every assorted wooden flooring swift. The IT section has upscaled in such a manner that the results in the flooring industries are unbeatable. Hence, individuals can get hand scraped wood look which are easy to maintain and affordable.

The designers have started to think out of box and are making use of laminates in a contemporary form.  Here’s what you can get in this 2020!


2020 laminate flooring trends!

Get out from a boring shell, give a fresh makeover to your property. Keep your home updated by using these guides which are going to become a major hit in 2020 for durability, style and trendiness.

So, lets go together and figure out the style, color, variety of the laminate flooring in 2020!

  • Types: Much better products in higher quality are out in the Australian market. For an instance American manufactured flooring are out which are water resistance.
  • Colors: High variations colors are available including Ivory Grey, Elegance White, Dersert Oak, Moon light Oak, Boutique Grey, Valley Oak, Spotted Gum, Blonde Teak, Brown Sugar.
  • Appearance: 2020 is all about texture. Get ready to see lots of distressed floors, reclaimed, weathered and distressed, and hand scraped.
  • Patterns & Layout: 2020 is not about being monotonous. It’s all about flooring innovation. Expect to see new patterns and unconventional widths (Herringbone, Wide planks, Diagonals).


Trending laminate flooring types in 2020

Previously, laminates were taken phony, manipulative substance offering no sophistication. However, the ideology changed in 2019. The flooring market saw a biggest boom in the demand for laminate flooring.


Flooring layouts & pattern

Patterns are still in 2020!

Laminates are not the replica of 1970s old parquets. These are different ones. Herringbone patterns are those which connects two planks at 90- degree. This 2020, the longest herringbone shall be the most preferred ones amongst the youngest homeowners. For hallways, entryways, bathrooms these are stunning.


Mis-match width laminate floors

Playing with the favorites is always cool. Mixing width, makes your floor pop. An extra eye detail is needed but once completed its freaking cool.


Wide planks

Longer the planks, more spacious will be your room. Short planks are the outdated version of laminates, which might reduce your home’s re-sale value. As you have already considered using the best ones for your space why not head for the better.


Diagonal laminate flooring

Installing floors diagonally gives a modern and expensive look to your space. Taking this pattern can cost you a bit high in terms of material and labor. If you think you want it and can afford it than you should go ahead.

Don’t let your home value decline. Add more warmth and expensive appearance in a much lesser price. Laminate flooring have started soaring in the flooring chart and highly gaining trust from the Australian property owners. You too can become one of them! For laminate flooring details inside Sydney, contact us!

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