Suitable Flooring options for Every Corporate Building

Nothing can impact the appearance of the office space like the selection of flooring. A commercial office space requires certain feel that reflects the working environment of the entity.

The flooring contributes towards the interior decor and dignifies the office environment with great functionality and higher level of comfort. When coming to flooring solutions for commercial buildings there is more to offer than just communal boards.

When you have finally decided to replace flooring than your selection of flooring should contain a ‘wow’ factor.


Segmentation of office flooring

Entrance flooring – A good quality flooring system is vital for the contemporary design. By stopping at your entrance 95 percent of your client judge your organization. Walking inside the office premises between dust and dirt can drop your reputation. Planting laminate flooring can reduce the cost and slipping risk.

Laminate delivers superior performance even in the toughest environment. Even during rainy season there is less chances of getting the floor damaged. These floors are highly functional and through the availability of wide design option one can always form a brand flooring structure in the office.

Creating a good entrance zone involves heavy amount of brain storming.  Think about the number of people who shall walk in and out of the door in each period. Also blueprint the routes after main entrance to finalize the information on entrance area.

Here we have classified the entrance section into three solutions;

Exterior usage: Any flooring placed outside the door, must have the first line of defense against foot-borne soil by scrapping chunky amount of coarsest dirt from the shoes sole before they get scattered.

Interior usage: Getting more closer to the interior portion is the next line of defense which must remove moisture and finer dirt particles from the shoe soles before they hit the cross-floor route.

Other major areas: Once dirt enters, the other flooring areas are also sure to get affected from moisture and soil; Corridor, reception areas, exits, executive cabins, walkways, elevators and more. All these area gets affected by the soil residual.

Lobby/ Hallway Section – Australian market has endless of flooring options for the consumers. When you are investing on the renovation of flooring in any commercial building, the best choice of one space may not be suitable for another one. Therefore, even if you use Laminate flooring in the entrance section, the same product may not appear to be suitable for the lobby section. As these are areas where your guests/ client usually sits and wait for their turn. Neat, classy and elegance is adamant throughout the lobby area. So which flooring is suitable for lobby area? Timber or bamboo flooring?

Speaking about solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring these are durable, lasting for generations.

Flooring options for office building

  • Timber flooring: Timber has always been popular flooring material for years. The beauty of timber is acknowledged as natural woods feeding aesthetic value to any office space. Its not easy to maintain quality in timber and can lasts for years. Timber floors are available in Engineered Timber Flooring and Solid Timber Flooring. Solid wood are 100 percent natural wood products with durability and longevity.
  • Laminate flooring: It is 100 percent water resistant PVC flooring that can easily withstand any sort of humidity. This is high resolution laminate flooring and is ideal for every space inside an office space. The floors are available in HD and is a stunning piece. It is 100% flat, water-resistance, silent and Eco flooring.
  • Bamboo flooring: All bamboo flooring are engineered; this means the strands are shredded and then pressed back to form a solid floorboard. Top quality bamboo flooring is durable and creates equality. Property owner should look out for contemporary presence. This floor is DIY friendly and can be molded to any designs. It is susceptible to digs and scratches and is also available in tonal shades. The contemporary looks fit with every decor and exert any kind of pressures.


Factors affecting the selection of flooring

Gino Devolder of UNILIN, a manufacturer of Belgium popular as quick floors stated, “A floor should not only be easy and fast to install, but it should be long lasting and require minimum maintenance. All these factors combined will determine the performance of a floor.”

Therefore, partnering with professionals would help to identify numerous factors that might look upon the installation of flooring.

  • Traffic flow into office: High traffic office needs flooring that can easily stand heavy traffic in the office. For a sophisticated level office Bamboo flooring can work miracle. Without breaking your bank balance, it is a solid flooring alternative. From being a fastest renewable natural resources it can be easily installed and glued. These are distinct floor, worth investment for office flooring. Further it is available in premium quality and can be easily maintained. These can withstand any wearing traffics for years.
  • Repair flexibility: While picking flooring one should understand the ease of its repair. The repair factor should be the core part of floor purchase. An observation was made in office hallways where maximum wear and tear is identified. Therefore, an easy repair option without causing inconvenience should be taken.
  • Easy maintenance: Most of the flooring options need close attention. For instance, spills on flooring should not stain the surface, it needs to be removed instantly. If the cost of maintenance i.e. labor cost is higher than the installation cost, than another alternative should be searched for.
  • Service life & money factor: The life expectancy of every floor depends on factors that is beyond the manufacturer ideology. A well-maintained floor shall last longer than the rated life expectancy period.

Further one should also consider the life cycle along with the cost factor. Products holding minimum costs might not be cheaper in long run. Selecting inexpensive flooring plans during design stage is a wrong saving concept.

For wider range of flooring do remember Glorious Flooring. We are located at Sydney, Silver water, Australia.

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