The ultimate flooring trends for 2020!

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There are few of us, who always want to stand out from the crowd. We keep up with the latest attire, tech, furniture, interiors, everything. From head to toe, from bedroom to living room everything is trendiest than, why not keep your home floor up to date?

We are just two months away from welcoming 2020, so why not take initiation to remodel the existing one and start a year with a brand-new floor. Yes, let’s just flip the entire flooring decor of the house and invite more positivity and energy.

It’s exciting as well as daunting moment. Though it doesn’t really have to be. To be precise, we just tend to get overwhelmed by the choices not exactly knowing the best suitable options, style, along with its use & abuse.

The ultimate truth is, its easier than you think! We are here to figure out the greatest, latest, flooring trends, which is sure to sell like hot cakes, this 2020. There’s nothing worse than spending your entire savings on a new floor that goes out of style within the next 5-years and which is less durable.

Ease your mind; we have got all the hottest trends, predictions, on the trends and choices you are most likely to make.

Trends across hardwood surfaces (wood, laminates) remains consistent in 2020. To maintain its charm, the hardwood manufacturers are pushing their production in more natural form.


Staying intact with the 2020 flooring trends

Without give much on the second thought, keep your home up to date, commencing with the floor. Make use of the guide to buy the latest 2020 flooring trends, that will remain stylish for next 10-15 years, and holds durability.

  • Types – New materials such as waterproof, eco-friendly laminates, bamboo flooring are rising in popularity.
  • Colors – High variation, blonde, gray, white, honey are at the top trends for the laminates while for bamboo standard-woven bamboo is just in.
  • Textures – Smooth floors are classic, 2020 is all about textures. Approve for more re-claimed, distressed, and hand scrapped floors.
  • Patterns & Layout – How creative you want to do with the floors? 2020 is all about creativity, with floors. Expect to see unconventional widths and patterns.
  • Appearance – Laminate flooring can mimic any man-made or natural materials, while hardwood floors need no manipulation, they are flawless and natural.
  • Styles – Contemporary, farmhouse, industrial styles are in the growing popularity.

Unlike fashion trends, flooring trends don’t usually change every 6-months, but just remember we are residing in the evolutionary period, well let’s heartily thanks the technology.

Not sure, let’s just turn around and think, how quickly we went from normal flip phones to AI built smartphones – that’s it, same is happening with the flooring trend as well. We are left in the situation where we can do more with the less (wide variety of flooring maintenance options).

In the upcoming posts we shall take a closer and broader vigilance on the flooring trends. Though everything appears to be similar, we shall figure out something more specific trends that goes perfectly with the taste you are looking for.

  • 2020 wooden flooring trends
  • 2020 laminate flooring trends
  • 2020 bamboo flooring trends
  • 2020 solid timber flooring trends
  • 2020 engineered timber flooring trends


What are the Best 2020 flooring trends: Top 5 floorboards?

In 2019, lots of flooring trends have broken the manufacturers sales record. Just take a glance of 5 hottest flooring ideas;

#1. Water-proof flooring:  Earlier, tiles were the only water-proof flooring materials available in the market. But in 2020, that’s not the case- you can get a water resistance material (laminates). A much-wanted properties in the flooring by every homeowner, pet owners and families.

#2. Wood alike floor: If the timber floor exceeds your estimated budget then the market does have wood alike floor i.e. laminate. In facts this has become a No.1 trending floor past two years in a row and seems to have no end in the sight.

#3. Environmental responsible flooring: In 2020, homeowners are conscious about the core extraction and manufacturing process of the floors. Using more of renewable, recycle, natural and home-grown process is in high demand right now.

#4. Textured flooring: Planning to manipulate the classic timber wood, then you get wire-brushed, hand scrapped and fully distressed flooring in laminate, wood and bamboo.

#5. Blonde flooring: Light airy blonde flooring works with any random decor, you just need to change the floors instead of whole interior. This does make your room appear bigger.

We do have lots of free-spirited creative types of people, living around us. So, what the buyer can simply do is mix and match the floorboard to the floors and the walls. You can generate your own kind of ideas, but before executing it make sure you consult with the experts, for we don’t want your investment to totally go in waste.

Make sure you have a proper plan. If you are unable in making one, do make a brief consultation.

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