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Hardwood flooring continues to become a popular choice for property owners, due to its exhilarating and stunning beauty. Intimate and warm, sleek and contemporary, wood lets you create style exactly to your imagination.

Though hardwood flooring is not the cheapest renovation material to select, there are several places where you can approach for wholesale hardwood flooring suppliers and save a mighty ton of money.

Searching for a great deal on hardwood flooring, you have come to a right place.

Depending on where you live in Australia, find a store that sells hardwood floors even in retail quantity.


Accepting the concept of Wholesale…

When you go to retail the price gets comparatively higher. Regardless of getting, buying wholesale is a great way to save tons of cash. Though the term ‘wholesale’ means buying goods in large quantities. Buying hardwood from wholesaler is a cheaper way to go, for the wholesaler are always eager to sell their stuff like hot selling cakes, instead of stacking them in their warehouse. So, the distributors sell their product at a much lower price.

Wondering, why don’t every consumer buy hardwood flooring from wholesaler when the same product can be obtained for much lower price? One of the major challenges in buying flooring from wholesaler is that most of them prefer bulk sell. But not same is the scenario for hardwood floorboards, you can get a great price per square foot if purchased in larger quantity.

For an example, a company when asking for small amount can charge you $4.99 per square foot, but when talking bulk amount, the price might go down to $3.99. Say if you purchase 1000 sq ft. than the price gap tends to be more.

One of the trickiest ways to purchase hardwood is to buy in bulk and split it amongst your friend. Find a similar type of hardwood flooring which is liked by both the parties. Or perhaps if you might have another property like summer cottage or office where you can use the remaining product. Or if you have any storage space than, you could store up for the future projects.


Hardwood wholesale distributor in Sydney…

One quick search in Google, you are given hundreds of options. Generally, the stores willing to sell bulk amount are located on the outskirts or industrial zones. Due to which not much of the walk-in customers are entertained.

Depending on the business and nature, they might not be willing to sell the product to individual customers in minor quantities. So before landing on the outskirts do some research work, understand their terms and conditions, and policies.

While the other wholesaler may ask you to take annual subscription or pay annual fee. On the other hand, you can also buy hardwood material via timber distributor. Hardwood flooring requires high investment, so before making any sort of direct purchase make sure to research the product and the distributors online.


Choosing online distributors

Online distributors such as Glorious Flooring are specialized in selling hardwood floors through the digitalized platforms. The space is great, and convenient to find out the product diversity, and prices. You can comfortably sit, research about the product without having to worry about the high-pressure sale environment.

These online distributors have solid connections with whole distributors and manufactures hence the prices and quality offered are just unadjusted and reasonable. Hence, due to the existence of strong connection you will find great price and desired hardwood floors, while on occasions, prices are slashed down on selected items.

But before making any kind of online payments, do double check the website security.


Hardwood manufacturers

Another method to purchase hardwood at a reduced price is directly from manufacture. Only few manufacture sells in retail version, while the rest shall give a big ‘No’. If a certain floor interests you, then note the brand and directly connect with the manufacturer and figure out their wholesale policies.

Depending on the location of manufacturer, you can encounter a high shipping cost that could drag the cost price slightly higher than the expected price.


Other factors which is need close observation

Picking hardwood on Sale offer, then it’s important to closely inspect the product. Sale items are non-refundable, so before making final payment its important to examine every aspects of the board.

If you have purchased hardwood floors through online platform than double check to see no parts of the floorboard is damaged, dented or scratched while being shipped. Don’t forget to ask floor guarantee or warranty. Though you can find great deals, if no warranty is given, understand their no great warranty. Also examine any kinds of special requirement is needed before laying the boards such as subfloor, underlayment, adhesives to protect the material from external moisture.

Finally, when preparing the total budget don’t forget to add the installation cost. Hardwood is a valuable investment which last for generations.

Glorious Flooring is wholesale hardwood floor distributor in Sydney, Australia. The product can be distributed to the whole of Sydney, therefore go through the extensive list of products before making final decision from the flooring category provided by us and contact for further price and product information.

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