Why laminate boards? What makes it exclusively appealing & flawless?


Many homeowners love the aesthetics & appeal of hardwood floors, because they add value and quality to living space, to give out a magnificent glance and refined appearance. For such modern outlook, its sure that you need to inject heavy amount of finance. Now what? Are you down turning your desire and heading for carpet solution? Or are you planning to save more by cutting down your entertainment expenses?

You don’t need to actual do that. Deciding which flooring shall be best-suited for your pleasant home is in fact the toughest decision. Whether you are moving to a new space or renovating your old ones, you surely don’t want to regret on your taken decisions, as you need to cope with your floors for upcoming ten-years.

Not only that, after making investment, you would want to hear appreciation and even consider return on made investment. With all sort of craziness going inside your mind, choosing a subsidized material is not at all overwhelming.

Complication further rises due to availability of several flooring options. When envisioning, historical interiors, we may picturize a sparkling floor. Before making a concrete decision lets take a quick look on the antiquities of wood.

In 19th Century, timber was collectively harvested while chief materials were used for every flooring and structural. Wood floors in Australian market were wide thick planks, cut, tight grains from the continent’s old forests. During those eras, tight-grained and massive diameters made it a perfect flooring pick.

After years, environmentalist realized resource restriction, which urged technology intervention to introduce laminate floorings. Since, then laminate flooring immediately started substituting hardwood floors.

Before leaping onto any floors make sure to address these few questions when deciding the correct material for your home.


How over-ornate is your home?

Right time? Firstly, figure out whose space are you going to cover? Your children? Parents? Grand-parents? Pet space?

If you have your house always full of people around than you would want something that could stand every wear and tear. Adding more to it, you would be wanting something that wouldn’t show any flaw and is hypo-allergic.


Traffic velocity in the area?

Kitchen has the worst traffic and for such you would want something durable. Instead of slippery tiles, laminate for kitchen is the one.


How’s your home architectural style?

If the re-sale value of your home is high, you do want to feed in something great looking and complementing. In a contemporary home, you get numerous options that are terrifically work with your home style.


Budget might be a serious concern?

An important factor which should never be left behind, your Finance, a challenge for you to get the best one within it.


Why laminate floorings?

Offer wide selection of designs including the beauty of ceramics tile, wood species, geometric patterns. Its modern polished and stylish look, has raised its graph as the most popular floorings.  So, by now, we presume it has become a popular choice for many interior designers.

It has great texture while the floor depot capitalizes the texture of laminate floorings. A cheap quality material though delivers visible texture with distinct look, it does not hold the quality.

Aside visual grasp, the new generation lamination has to circulate distinct surface treatment for more, polish look, grainy texture and sound natural setting.

Benefits of laminates

  • Looks exactly like woods or stone but is reasonable.
  • Non-allergic and doesn’t observe any kind of odors.
  • Installation can be made on any surface levels.
  • High UV resistance and low maintenance.
  • Resists stains, scrubbing, scratching and fading.


Reasons for choosing Laminate over other flooring options

  • Installation on concrete: Say ‘no’ to nailing! You don’t have to nail laminate flooring to sub-floors. Good news for property owners who have their house built on slab. There is a possibility of getting a floating floor with real wood installed over concrete. But this is an expensive option.
  • Low maintenance: As it is scratch and wear resistant, it needs low attention. But this doesn’t mean its prone to damage. It’s an ideal property for investment, especially for those with pets.
  • Anti-allergic & environment friendly: Minimal or zero usage of low carbon footprint. Hence, there is no requirement of any sanding or finish process. Further, its not exposed to any odors from sealer.
  • Budget friendly: You can directly save upfront cost by selecting laminate floors. Laminate has hundreds of selections to go for. With manufacture or wholesaler don’t hesitate to ask for good recommendation that glides into your budget perfectly.
  • Faster completion of project: You don’t have to do any prior chores to get it laid. It only requires a simple installation. Fit and lock makes it easier. Even on rental property you can lay and use it.
  • Easy removal: As these are neither glued or nailed to any surface, it can be easily lifted and replaced with minimal mess.
  • No impact: Wood floors are subjects to denting. These dents are noticeable and this is not the case with laminate, as these are resistant to impact.


Quick Overview

Laminate floors can easily last for 15 unbreakable years, with proper attention and care. It is available in variety of textures and colors, at a much lower cost. It has four layers consisting of back paper at the bottom of partial wood board, decorative paper on the board, overlay on the top with HDF core in between.

This floorboard is available in three types; glue laminate, glue-less laminates and pre-glued laminates.

While preparing the room, primarily begin with floor leveling, then remove any kinds of molding and baseboards, cut the door jams and trim the floors and lastly, make sure to clean the floor.

Even by now, you are not sure of laminate flooring, do contact Glorious Flooring. The professionals there, are looking forward to assist you in making a best choice which not only blends with the architectural and interior designs of your property but also fits in with the price reasonability.

We are the oldest and largest wholesale flooring suppliers in Sydney area. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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