Wooden Flooring Options for 2020

wooden flooring 2020

Few days more and here comes a fresh year awaiting to create a fresh memory. Before that, lets give a fresh start with your home, maybe from flooring. Keep every space up to date starting from floor, follow every aforesaid guide as the hottest flooring trend for 2020 and make your space lively, sophisticated and durable for the years to come.

Timber flooring is always a classic choice, the product is available in the market in the form of solid timber flooring or engineering solid timber flooring. Here, classic does not indicate “boring” but a flawless design which never go out of styles despite several changes.

Though the technology advancement has brought in few more floorboards in the market, and some what has become a trendiest one, the wooden designer are not left behind. Wood manufactures have started to infuse their product in more interesting and fashionable way.

If you turn around and look at the history, wooden floor has craved its name in the terms of durability, appearance, and style. So, lets move further and explore the styles for 2020;

  • Colors: High variations, dark and light colors will top the color chart. Going to 2020, the wooden market will see up rise in blonde, honey, whitewashed, gray and high variation.
  • Textures: The floor remains smooth, classic and expects to see distressed and hand scrapped wood floor.
  • Finishes: In 2020, get ready to encounter a flatter finish. Satin, Matte, and Oil is sure to shine out.
  • Layout & Patterns: 2020 is all about creativity. Trying fun patterns, and conventional widths. Using eye catching patterns, and layouts, which work as a contemporary showstopper.
  • Types: More of recycled and sustainable woods are on rise. Reclaimed, cork, engineered woods are in demand.


2020 Trending Wood Floor Types

Wooden flooring is no more confined. The manufactures have laid out so many options by making fusion of the ‘traditional’, and ‘modern’ characters of the wooden flooring. Homeowners have started making the floors accordingly.

  • Solid Timber Flooring: The universal beauty of hardwood flooring adds uniqueness and class to each flooring. It’s a right kind of hardwood offering multiple color options and textures making the whole floor selecting process and enjoyable process. American Oak, Black butt, Blue Gum, Karri, Spotted Gum are the few ones.
  • Engineered Timber Flooring: Engineered timber floorboards are made up by joining multiple layers of wood. The wood grains are joined perpendicular for durability. These are super stable resulting the product in designing stunning architectural appearance, that offers speedy installation and increase stability.


2020 Timber Flooring Colors

Gray color is a special one for 2020. In 2019, the colors such as ultra-dark, ultra-light were all about extremes. In 2020, the floors especially the darker ones are out of style. Homeowners are searching for tones which give them a sense of warmth. This means more options are needed. Beneath are the colors which is sure to remain in for 2020;

  • High Variation Wood Floor: Wood flooring are available in much natural and original state. Though no two-wood flooring match, with tech development the manufactures can replicate the floor. The color usually used for this is dark and neutral, which quickly release the look of a warm welcoming home.
  • Gray Wood Floor: This is a hot flooring color used in the 90s but has started taking charm in 2020 for its charm, modern, neutral look. The color goes with almost every décor even complementing the modern artistic appearance. The unique color adds fresh appearance to your bedrooms and living space. The right blend of neutrality can simplify the texture of the room.
  • Honey Wood Floor: This floor makes your room appear larger and spacious. You can also get rich warmth, making your floor a popular one. Warm tones are trending for 2020, as it’s a color of class.
  • Blonde Wood Floor: Can we say we are marking an end to the dark dusky color. As a homeowner, embracing a light airy color can give you a timeless feeling. The decorating possibilities are just endless.


2020 Wooden Floor Textures

  • Hand scraped woods: Truly finished hardwood instantly giving a timeless finish look. These features a long-ingrained scrape making each floor looking handcrafted and rare.
  • Distressed woods: A unique texture laying out the concept of wear and tear. On the floors you expect burns, knots, scraps, antique look and more.
  • Wire brushed wood: Intentional wire scratches, making every imperfection appear smoother and more consistent.


2020 Wooden Finish Trend

A flatter finish which shall shine out in an unusual manner.

  • Satin Finished Wood Floors: A satin finish offering you glossy and shine hiding imperfections and dirt.
  • Matte Finished Wood Floors: The matte finished floor compared to satin finish shall shine less, however, its not dull and flat as expected. This floor makes you space look comfortable, contemporary and expensive.
  • Oiled Wood Floors: Oil finishes penetrates the wood, making the wood appear stronger. The whole floor looks organic and natural. The whole floor of oiled wood is more susceptible to scratches and damage.

Glorious Flooring for the 2020 has launched more contemporary hardwood flooring. The product is available in wholesale price, and array of options. You can connect with us, to know more about the pricing range and quality. Contact us to know more about the solid wooden flooring & engineered solid timber flooring.

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