what are the benefits of timber flooring?

benefits of timber flooring

One of the biggest queries every people encounter while selecting any flooring for their space is to either pick hardwood or carpeting. You might be thinking what are the benefits of timber flooring? Well, as a flooring specialist what we can say to the purchaser are, that are so many advantages of timber flooring over carpet flooring. if you are planning to make your property either a residential or a hot selling one, timber flooring can be the best option. Traditional hardwood cannot be installed in any of the room. However, the good news is that advancement in engineering can allow you to install hardwood flooring in every of the room.

With the popularity over times, there are so many advantages of timber Flooring. Hardwood is on high demand, now might be the right time for you to switch to wood flooring from carpet.



When it comes to traditional or engineered hardwood flooring, the appearance of real wood has a big benefit over the carpet. The neutral look of wood floors allows multiple options. When decorating a room with carpet floors, you will only get a limited. You can’t just change the color of your carpet and this prevents you from decorating your room in much better form. With wood, even if the color doesn’t match with the idea, you have the option of re-sanding or change the color or add a rug in the area.



One of the key reasons why people choose, carpet over hardwood is due to their cost. As per our research, hardwood floor costs around nearly $13 per square feet, while carpet flooring is usually between $3- $6 per square feet. Though the upfront cost of hardwood is comparatively higher than the carpet price. However, hardwood floors, enhances the value to your home. There is an advantage that You will earn higher than the difference back between the installation cost of hardwood and carpet when you sell your home.



Most people don’t understand the function of insulator. Traditional and engineered wood flooring sustains better heat than any of the flooring. And even if you are missing the softness of the carpet than you can place rug on top of the hardwood.

Further, the traditional and engineered flooring are more appealing. Research shows, that homes which have installed hardwood flooring sell faster than any other homes.



Comparatively hardwood floors are easier to maintain. A minor spill or accident can severely damage your carpet, whereas for hardwood, spills can be easily cleaned. For carpet, regular vacuum and brushing is must but for hardwood you can easily sweep and wipe. You don’t have to worry about hiring someone to clean it.

Also, hardwood lasts longer than carpet. You can pretty much say; it has a longer life expectancy than carpet. Further it can be replaced or repaired quickly unlike other floors. Carpet may wear out or get damaged even from a small spill you have to replace the entire carpet, which doesn’t fit with any financial sense. Unlike carpet, you can re-sand and refinish wood multiple of times.



For people who are prone to allergies from start should prevent carpet flooring. Carpet is known to be a magnet for allergies. With wood flooring, you can maintain and clean floor easily. To care your floor boards you can just sweep or vacuum the boards on regular basis.

Carpets can breed around germs. Liquid and watery spills can sink into the carpet. Those spills can trap between fibers without notice. This trapped water allows bacteria to grow and germs to flourish. With hardwood you have no such kind of issue. And its not difficult to see the dirt and water. Even if anything spills, you can clean it easily. You can just dry it off or use a disinfected wipe to remove germs.



Why is it important to Seal Wood Flooring?

There should always be a balance between a perfect finish and durability. Maintaining a balance between these two requirements can flow can bring a room together, and minimize sudden disaster. So, it all starts with choosing and applying right sealer. When you properly seal hardwood floors, you can lay a foundation for a diligence. Reasons why sealing hardwood floor is so important;



Best quality hardwood flooring has its own natural beauty. Your selected hardwood do have organic qualities. Timber has plant articles. It has tannins and extractives finish. When they are mixed together, these extracts cause finish to discolor. By applying seal, you can prevent the natural rich color from changing.



While applying finish to any untreated wood, it entirely soaks wood. The sudden affect can damage the hardwood floors. By sealing the hardwood, firstly you will be supplying a base to its finish. With a finish sitting, it can doesn’t create a barrier. Such barrier, protects the wood from damage and increases the life of wood.



You spend a lump sum time and investment in settling down with a perfect flooring. You chose a perfect one after several research. During the installation process you apply finish but you don’t use seal. Unfortunately, disaster strikes. Instead out pulling out everything together and releasing a beautiful appearance of your property. How can you prevent this disaster? Use a sealer. When you seal the floors properly you prevent reactions. The chemicals in finish can sore the wood, and make your floors messy.

If you are one of those property-owners who are in search for best natural looking hardwood floors, its very much important to use sealer. Sealing strongly prevents damage, expands life and offers better colors and accessories to choose from. Save time, money and energy!

For more solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring, remember Glorious Flooring. High quality is what we supply, while price factor is rightly tucked beneath our customers budget. Our supply chain stretches in the whole of Australia.

So, people, searching for timber flooring in Sydney can directly contact us. From small to large scale we serve it all. Till date our clients have loved our flooring options, and we are pretty much sure, we will not let you down.

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