Timber Floors Application and Maintenance

timber wood

Wood products are a really common choice as flooring materials because it comes in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. One of the simplest flooring wood products is “timber”, yes! As soon as we suggested the name; your mind would have popped various curious questions on timber? Now let us take an extended breath and […]

What causes gap in solid Timber Flooring and How to Fix it?


When should you be concerned about the gaps identified in the wooden flooring? Before answering the question, the owner must figure out the occurrence of the gap; When did it happen? Summer or Winter or Autumn? Gaps in solid timber flooring are normal. The situation arises when wood lose their moisture content along with the […]

How Solid Timber Flooring can be the right choice for the property owners?


Timber flooring add natural ambiance, warmth and comfort to any homely space. The type of floor you choose has a direct impact on the appearance, functionality, and atmosphere of the property. These floors are elegant, and easy to maintain in any home. When deciding the type of wood, one should look out for the factors […]

Find out how Timber floorings fits in with your moody rooms?


Know about moody rooms! Moody rooms? Not heard about it? What exactly is it? Moody rooms are fun and exciting, they are your own personal space where you want to share your solitude, and happiness. These are just fun and exciting trend which is just in. Many homeowners have appreciated the idea of incorporating it […]

MYTHS of Timber Flooring, Believed by all


Timber can firmly stand during the test of time, and can wholly change the appearance of your home. Even though encountering the fact, there are still few people who get little nervous when opting timber as their choice. Can we say it an unfortunate misconception? Eventually we have spoken lots about the suitability of engineered […]

what are the benefits of timber flooring?

benefits of timber flooring

One of the biggest queries every people encounter while selecting any flooring for their space is to either pick hardwood or carpeting. You might be thinking what are the benefits of timber flooring? Well, as a flooring specialist what we can say to the purchaser are, that are so many advantages of timber flooring over […]

Timber Flooring designed for Child Safety; What’s onto it?

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Carefully choosing flooring option for your child’s nursery? Wholly in love with Timber flooring? Highly eager to levy timber flooring all over the house, especially on your little one’s room? Timber adds value to your place, and if allergies are your greatest concern, then this is surely a greatest concern as it is likely to […]

Innovation with Timber floorings can be challenging. Are you ready to take that challenge?

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Once in a lifetime you become an innovative species! The tendency can flow more if you are a constant innovation seeker. Innovation, for us means a foundation of every new beginning. Through innovation we come across new products, acquire new techniques, offering better quality in more sophisticated style (switching from ordinary floorings to hardwood timber […]

Maintain Timber Flooring

Take Care of Your Timber Flooring When you suddenly decide, to re-floor your entire space, you can either get organized or messed up or precisely plan on your exact requirements or even get lost in outer space, not knowing what you exactly want. There are several choices, with the deepest possibilities and options. If you […]