Maintain Timber Flooring

Take Care of Your Timber Flooring

When you suddenly decide, to re-floor your entire space, you can either get organized or messed up or precisely plan on your exact requirements or even get lost in outer space, not knowing what you exactly want. There are several choices, with the deepest possibilities and options. If you are the ones falling in the first category, then you don’t have to do anything. Just go through our timber floorings website and place your order. If you are ones falling in the second category, then reluctantly follow our guidance.


Solid Wood or Engineered Floorings

A crucial question every homeowner will face when making decisions for flooring projects. Before making any core choice, let me give you a brief intro, on solid wood floorings.

What is solid timber flooring? Solid wood floorings are manufactured from a single piece of timber. When coming to engineered floorings, go through our previous article, which is sure to broaden your knowledge. While choosing the flooring options you must think about the weather, UFH (under-floor heating) and moisture fluctuations.

If your room is underfloor heating, solid wood flooring should not be your choice, installing UFH means cupping risk. When re-flooring bathrooms and kitchen head for engineered timber floorings.

Even while purchasing branded clothes or goods you think twice, Right? You go through every do and don’ts to keep it safe and clean. But why don’t the homeowners follow the same pattern with hardwood floors? Have you ever considered about the factors which may ruin your beautiful floors?

If, yes, have you ever practiced it, or partially followed or unfollowed it? If no, why are you least bothered on taking care of your floors?

Negligence and carelessness, are two factors to ruin your hardwood floors, don’t flush your investments. If you are unsure regarding its protection, following are the areas, where every homeowner should strictly work on;


Using the wrong cleaner

Just to keep your floor fresh, you use cleaners with great fragrance, but are you aware of the consequences. Giving your floor refreshing smell of lemon or orange is not healthy for wooden floors. There are several kinds of wooden finishes, and each one of them requires their own kind of cleaner.

Using cleaners with heavy chemical components can destroy the timeless appeal of the wooden floor. Before heading for regular maintenance, make sure to take appropriate guidance from manufacturer to safeguard timber floorings.


Too much sun exposure

Extreme sun exposure can dull the shine of woods. Sun exposure can wobble down and dry the wood floors. Make sure to keep blinds and shades drawn during peak sunny days.

We are sure every homeowner is looking out for ways to maintain the natural hardwood floorings, but improper maintenance is sure to fade its color.


Using steam mop without sweeping

Don’t fall for any random television advertisements. They are sure to lure you. With an everyday hectic schedule, it becomes tiresome when you must clean and mop. So, what you opt for is a quick method to keep your floors clean.

Using popular steam mops is equivalent to pouring hot water on your timber floors. And hot waters are just worst for your floors.

Further situation degrades if you use mops without proper sweeping of floors. Sweeping hardwood floors are in fact good to strengthen the life of your floors. Dust, dirt and other abrasives can scratch and make your floors dull. Everyday cleaning is sure to tidy up the place to protect from abusive damage.


Waiting for food spills

Seriously? Do you wait for every spill to dry up instead of immediately acting upon? Gosh! You are ruining your timber floors with your own laziness.

No matter how much you patrol for liquid spills, it is sure to happen. You can confine the opportunity of damage by cleaning it right away. Longer you take time to get it cleaned its sure to leave back its stain and destroy your wood.

Mop it up and place water absorbing rug to further absorb the moisture. Such kind of activity is sure to keep your wood floor condition in great shape. Clean the spills, to minimize accidents and damage.


Wearing high heels

HEELS though can give you a smarty appearance while you walk down in your own aisle, in fact, it totally ruins your hardwood floors.  Women heel shoes come in several shape and frame. So, can you imagine the amount of issue, your hardwood floor must go through every time?

Though the damage is unintentional, it is sure to create long term disturbance. So, what can you do is make sure to leave your heels outside the house, or you can also place your shoe rack, next to your main entrance? Before getting excited and leaving the house hastily, check on the floors.


Going too long, without refinishing

When dull marks are visibly observed, its time for you to coat your hardwood floors. Unfinished hardwood floors begin to show off scratches and patterns over time. Recoating is an easy process and hence it doesn’t take more than a day to complete day.

Recoating can be done once a month. If you wait too long, you are sure to print permanent patterns. Once the woods start to wear off sanding, bare wood and refinishing shall be necessary.

Despite following every precaution, you still fail to keep the charm of timber floors intact. Hardwood floorings are a go most for every homeowner, as it enhances the visual appearance of the house. It can be a challenge to prevent floor rotting. So, what can be the best way to clean hardwood floors without ruining it.

  • Foremostly, dust, and mop the floor to pick up general dust and particles like hair and dirt. To speed up the cleaning process, you can use disposable electrostatic cloth, as they easily squeeze in spaces which are hard to clean.
  • Opt for vacuum cleaners with attached floor brusher. Avoid using vacuums with beater bars as they directly scratch the finishing of beautiful timber floorings.
  • Make use of diluted cleaning products like vinegar for deeply seeded cleanings like grease, oil, and
  • For occasional cleaning use damp cloths to remove water stains from floors.
  • Depending on the types of wooden floor, take a suggestion from manufacture to eliminate stains. For an example, if your wooden flooring has a finish of urethane, then the mark is likely to be on the surface, which can be easily cleaned with a clean For the soft oiled finish, the stains are likely to go through woods and can be eradicated by using fine steel wool to rub.
  • For more natural cleaning, two boiled tea bags can do wonders. Brew the tea bags and allow them to cool. Soak clean clothes on the tea water to wipe the floors. Get a shiny result!
  • During the humid season, use dry cloths to wipe surfaces. Also, use fans or air conditioner to keep the floors dry.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or harsh surfaces like sandpaper as they are keen on leaving an ugly
  • To elongate the life of hardwood floors and maintain a clean appearance, consider using rugs, mats, or runners to protect your floors in traffic areas.

Glorious flooring is the wholesale distributor of timber flooring in Sydney at a reasonable price. There is no room for quality adjustment is our solo motto, so believe and trust us, for we understand the value of money invested in the floorings. Make us a part of your flooring projects, we assure you with best price and solutions which you won’t get in the whole of the Australian region.

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