Find out how Timber floorings fits in with your moody rooms?


Know about moody rooms!

Moody rooms? Not heard about it? What exactly is it? Moody rooms are fun and exciting, they are your own personal space where you want to share your solitude, and happiness. These are just fun and exciting trend which is just in. Many homeowners have appreciated the idea of incorporating it into their space.

So, what exactly is a moody room? Moody rooms aren’t exactly as they sound. Like said earlier, this space is all about your mood (happiness, enjoyment, loveliness and more). Generally moody rooms are dark in color. The entire interior is predicted to be black, bold, and exquisite color.

While there is also a trend bright, cool, light toned color, which has become popular for now as moody gloomier rooms tend to down turn the mood. But for reading purpose, this can be remarkable.

These are designated space with darker flooring, and interior to set the mood. The room is usually made for comfy and cozy feelings instead of making it a cold den. These rooms are expected to be warm, comfortable, cozy, luxurious and a bit mystifying.

The flooring and the walls of these rooms are just fun to incorporate. The owners can use, the same flooring for the floor and to cover the walls. For a transitional moody home, these would be perfect ad dons to the old ornate designs.

Hardwood (Solid Timber Flooring & Engineered Timber Flooring)

When thinking about re-modelling the old space, fortune sometimes smile on those people who are brave enough to pull off their tattered old carpet.

Hardwoods can be stained, sanded and sealed. With several choices, the whole room can be remarkably fresh, updated, polished with minimal effort.

No need to shop for expensive materials after installation as immediate luxury can be felt. An incredible satisfaction can be gained with a little use of the material. It also holds practical and economical options i.e. if you already have timber as an existing material you can consider refinishing it.

If you have to scratch from start, you can broaden your horizon, as it can be fitted in your moody space while bringing in the sense of warmness and calmness. The material is sustainable to use, for once installed it lasts for years.

Trying to add warmth and beauty to your room? Hardwood floors is the best. Nothing compares the uniqueness, beauty and ease of cleaning the floors. Hardwood floors makes every room welcoming and attractive.

These floors never go out of style, nor do you need any kind of updating. What so ever style it may be of it still holds the character of elegance.

From oak hardwood flooring to gleaming Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, you can get any kind of hardwood flooring including;

  • Strip Flooring: It comes in a range from 1” to 2.5” with a thickness of 5/16” to ¾ “thickness. It holds traditional look which makes the space look larger.
  • Plank Flooring: It compliments a room decor with unique antiques. It comes with a wider strip from 3” to 8”.
  • Wire Brushed Flooring: It has a quitter application and charming style, which enhance the appeal of innovations with smoother finish.
  • Hand scrapped Flooring: It gives timeless feeling advanced by the popular urethane finish.

Factors that need to be considered when picking hardwood flooring for your personal space

#1. Size of your moody room: One of the drawbacks most of the customer speak out is about the size of their moody rooms. A very small space is segregated for it. While laying wood floor it won’t create any extra space, what is does is add warmth and beauty.

How can any flooring give extra space, when the structure of the room is limited? However, there are some tricks that wooden flooring can do to make your room bigger.

And that is using the same color flooring throughout your home. Such uniformity makes the space appear bigger, while it also makes it seem like a continuous area flooded with good lights.

#2. Style of flooring you want: When selecting flooring you need to choose the right flooring color; you need to balance your love and one you can live with. Knowing the options advantage and funneling the choice gives you a clear understanding in finding the right color.

#3. Style of your property: A great initiation for your interior projects. As you can learn about every design in tit bits form and also know about its difference. And hardwood goes with every kind of appearance.

#4. Style of your decor: If you are renovating it, you must consider its outlook for the next five years or more. Besides the decor, you need to also find out how the floor shall look over time. One thing is for sure, with all kinds of flooring and color option with Glorious Timber Flooring, we confidently say, no customers are left dis-satisfied.


Satisfaction guaranteed from Glorious Flooring

We guarantee satisfaction from the range of Timber flooring in sydney, Australia. We vow on the quality and the excellency of the service we provide. Your choice won’t go wrong or hay-wire when you pick flooring from us.

Find the right kind of hardwood flooring for your moody room, with a guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today, if you want to check the range of flooring products we have and allow our associates help to find out the ideal flooring.

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