Outdoor flooring ideas for comfort & style this 2020


The 9 best flooring ideas to keep your house stylish and comfortable. Find out the related pros and cons of the flooring before making an ultimate decision.

You would never want to spend your summer in a dirty lanky and unpleasing place.

But selecting a right flooring for backyard, pool side, front yard and patio decking is significant. Generally, people without even figuring out the cons jump into the suggestion given by their friends. So before flaunting out the concept of “I know everything about flooring” lets dig into the detail background of the flooring.

While the rest of the people, don’t have a clear idea of the types of flooring they are in search for.  The Australian market is furnished with several options, but here we will be listing out favorites and most searched flooring products by Australians.

flooring options 2020

Outdoor space we are going to cover

The term “outdoor” covers both the ground and the outdoor space. As the terrain varies, consider the plans for the backyard. Are you re-doing just the patio or the yard? This is an important question that needs to be addressed while the other one is what lies beneath the existing flooring? Concrete, grass, or sand. Laying flooring for outdoor above the grass area is simple, but above the rubber floor lots of prep is needed.


Understand the land section

What is the present situation of your backyard?  Is the area totally flat or slopped? Find out as you may need to spend few more dollars to get the desired result. Before approaching the deck, board option takes a minute and look. If you have pets who keeps on digging the flooring, then you might need to re-consider.


Outdoor flooring and elements

The final thing you need to debate is in the weather condition. The scenario is unpredictable, however, if you are living in the area for years, you might have a tentative idea of what to expect during the highs and lows.

The flooring expert’s state, the sun, rain and wind are the worst enemy of flooring. Not even the best products can withstand the elements. The wood is placed outside the sunny center may fade, while the hailstorm can brutally break in the floors. Further, the sunlight, and UV rays are not at all a friendly option, UV rays can brutally darken the flooring, or heat the flooring material to an uncomfortable level.

However, not all regions are the same. Even in Australian continent the topography is different. So, parts face extreme hot and dry weather while the other one face high humidity.


The Best Flooring Options

There is no such thing called perfect flooring for the outdoors. Every flooring you choose will have demerit, but our concern is to get one with minimum cons, that includes, the installation, materials and the requirement of professional assistance.

  • Wood (Solid Timber & Engineered Timber Flooring)
  • Laminate flooring
  • Bamboo flooring

9 inviting flooring ideas for the outdoor


Wood flooring

Most of the homeowners take time to decide the flooring arch, they want to see in their inside, but they don’t give a thought on their outdoor space. So, through this article we shall be giving in the ideas, for the outdoor space. There is plethora of decking materials, and styles to choose with less maintenance. Wooden floor is rich in appearance with high quality. Here are few examples;

  • A seamless transition in between the exterior and interior flooring
  • Adding a unique touch of vertical and horizontal corner
  • Mixing wood & laminate floors
  • Simple and attractive wood floors for airy rooftops
  • Cozy and intimate outdoor dining space with timber flooring
  • An oasis effect by wrapping the natural features.
  • Extended outdoor parking areas for easy access.


Laminate flooring

No, the laminate flooring is not a great idea for the outer space. Though the product is water resistant it is not at all suitable for the outdoor parking lots. However, the flooring can be used in the balcony area of any room. Even if the room has loads of sun exposure the laminates can be used. But make sure its not exposed to the outdoor temperatures. Vinyl plank flooring hold a potential option. The plank is 100 % moisture resistant.


Bamboo flooring

Bamboo can be installed as decking or terrace. For decking purpose, stranded woven bamboo flooring is used by adding oil on the deck. By doing so the product becomes durable. Stranded woven bamboo is a unique design consisting of density which is much higher than the regular flooring.

Further, the product can also be used for the design purpose. Bamboo beautifully serves in the outdoor structures. They seamless fit in with the exterior environment and creating an overall aesthetic. The durability and inner strength make the product ideal so it can turn into a patio or deck. It can also hold up the harsh weathers as they have the natural ability.

Glorious Flooring beside selling the floors at a wholesale price also offers flooring assistant to its client. It properly hears out the requirements of every client and accordingly suggest suitable flooring. Our service is available in Sydney and throughout the Australian region. You can contact us to know more about the flooring products, price range and durability.

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