How to Remodel your Kitchen Floor within a Budget?

wooden kitchen flooring

If you are brooding about remodeling your kitchen, consider updating the flooring to make a clean and finished look. Whatever your style or budget, flooring can make or break an area. Replacement floors are often necessary if you propose to vary the layout or remove walls and this step should be considered during any renovation. […]

Bamboo Floors texture, installation & maintenance!

bamboo waterproof

A well-known fact about bamboo; it is typically not a tree in the least, but a grass that has 1000 species. Bamboos are considered as a long, durable as well as resilient grass. Even without planting it grows back naturally and it reaches maturity in just four to 5 years. These make qualities make bamboo […]

Is bamboo flooring water resistant? Know everything about Bamboo flooring!


When people are becoming ecologically sensible, the type of flooring they want to use in their house has now become an issue which is considered constantly, however Bamboo which mostly grows in large amount and is renewable does not affect the environmental degradation concerns. Naturally made products demand has skyrocketed in recent years, as we […]

Outdoor flooring ideas for comfort & style this 2020


The 9 best flooring ideas to keep your house stylish and comfortable. Find out the related pros and cons of the flooring before making an ultimate decision. You would never want to spend your summer in a dirty lanky and unpleasing place. But selecting a right flooring for backyard, pool side, front yard and patio […]

7 ways Bamboo flooring is much cooler than any ordinary tiles


Over years, tiles were in the trend, but as they emulate bamboo flooring became the much sophisticated and easier version to install, clean and flaunt. But are they the right kind of flooring choice for you? If it is the appearance of the floor you are really concerned about, then why not head for the […]

Radiant heating floors for bamboo floorings!


Bamboo flooring is the hottest trend in the market. Figure out the common misconceptions! If you are looking forward for the kind of flooring that doesn’t create a pit hole in your pocket, but still looks inexpensive, durable and strong, then there are few choices that gives you better value. Before pushing you towards the […]

Is bamboo flooring suitable for your property?


Like buying house, installing flooring is also a major decision. Specially if you are a property owner who needs classic infusion with your interior decor than, this could really be a downline decision which has been framed past five years but is about to get executed this year. That surely defines the amount of sacrifice […]

Guide to Solid Bamboo Floor!


For countless of people, when the term bamboo flooring is released, firstly what comes in everyone’s mind is a tropical bungalow. A house is a combination of beautiful flooring, perfectly suiting the exotic color schemes. Each and every part of the house seeks certain attention, with ideal management and design to make the property look […]

Why choose bamboo floors? Reasons that will urge you to get one!


After going through every content, you have finally assured yourself to get a new bamboo flooring. So, let’s take a quick look on the biggest advantages that our space has to offer. For those home owners searching for durability and cost factor, this is a perfect choice. The product offers great value for the money. […]

Buying & DIY guide: What to look for when buying Bamboo Floorings?

If you are looking for distinct space, you can consider bamboo Flooring. It is an affordable, attractive and durable option for your living territory. It’s not exactly hardwood, but its some what a replica of hardwood that provides unique appearance. In terms of stylishness it offers several colors and with their knotty looks, they are […]