Guide to Solid Bamboo Floor!


For countless of people, when the term bamboo flooring is released, firstly what comes in everyone’s mind is a tropical bungalow. A house is a combination of beautiful flooring, perfectly suiting the exotic color schemes.

Each and every part of the house seeks certain attention, with ideal management and design to make the property look an exemplary one.  When deciding on the interiors of the accommodate it becomes a tough pick from every list of options.

Flooring is surely tricky and when determining, it sought for aspects which can bring in every thought requirement of home owners. Bamboo flooring is one of those types which is quiet considering. Every product’s released do have negative and positive sides. And Bamboo flooring to have those.

Bamboo is absolutely a newer version of trend setter in the flooring market. And adding more to its popularity is its eco-friendliness, durability, cost-effectiveness and strength. Remaining environmentally friendly is a greatest need of today’s genre.


What is solid bamboo flooring?

The formation of solid bamboo flooring consists of 100 per cent bamboo plank. And those planks are available in two types; Strand Woven and Classic. While they have similarities, they too have differences.


Things to know before choosing bamboo flooring

Few queries that needs to be addressed before choosing it for your spaces;

  • Rooms that you plan to install.
  • Installation process and method involved.
  • Lifestyle adopted by the owners.
  • Pattern and style, you search for decor.

To answer the aforesaid questions, lets get the detail info of both the solid bamboos.


Classic Bamboo Flooring

A little less intense, but a tough one than every available hardwood. Classic bamboo planks are available in two kinds, vertical and horizontal. In the joint cases, after harvesting, the hollow bamboo stalks are given in slicer to trim into thin slices. On the next level, the green layer is peeled, and the ridges are sanded in generating smooth exterior.

For every vertical plank, bamboo nodes are hidden. While on the horizontal one, bamboo nodes are highlighted. Then the pieces are pressed and glued, as a result grainy patterns are produced for more modern appearance.

Pros Cons

Easily customizable for every decor. Made from renewable resources.

Is prone to scratch and dents.
Comparatively inexpensive. And can be re-finished three times. Issue of moisture can be felt.
Easy to clean and maintain.  


Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

These flooring planks are developed by using pressure and heat to flatten bamboo fibers resulting in hardness of the product. It is three times harder than timber or oak and is also known to have tensile strength to make it ultra-hard.

When deciding to install, its important to identify every pros and cons of the product.

Pros Cons
Durable and strongest flooring. Cannot be stained, though it can be sanded down and finished with clear coating.
Customizable through wide option of finished and textures.
Can be re-finished two to four times.
Framed from renewable resource and can be glued or nailed even in concreate surface.
High quality flooring.


Similarities between Strand Woven & Classic Bamboo Flooring

  1. Eco-friendliness: Both of them are eco-friendly, as they are made of plants and poses the capacity to regenerate it in every five years. Further, the process of harvesting cost is almost nil which refrain from causing damage to the environment. Unlike timber;
  2. The roots are left for the re-generation process, which prevents minimal chances of soil erosion or massive hindrance Eco-system.
  3. The harvesting process is mostly carried out manual therefore there is minimization in carbon footprint.
  4. Utilization: Mentioned two types of product can be used in residential settings. It can be flattened in kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces. But one needs to get it correctly installed. Doing so prevents potential damages from change in temperature.

Recommendation is given to use engineered bamboo planks in below grade rooms and basements.


Differences between Strand Woven and Classic Bamboo Flooring

There is a significant presence of hardness in classic and stand woven bamboo flooring. Classic one is more resistant to scratches and dent while the stranded one is three times stronger.

Likewise, traditional one is more similar to red oak and over time it will start showing its true color. Both of it can easily hold foot traffics and busy schedules.

But over time, traditional one may require, refinishing while for strand woven it is rarely required. While both of the bamboo can be re-finished multiple of times.

On the installation process, woven one seeks for tongue and groove by using glue and nail method. Other way round, in floating method click lock planks can be used.

Classic bamboo is only available in groove and tongue format so one should keep the idea of using floating method for its installation process.


What to look for when purchasing solid bamboo flooring?

There are many bamboo retailers offering you price reasonability and quality range. So, when choosing a brand, one should invest few times on product reviews. Another factor one should look for is the certification of wholesaler and the possible brands offered by them.

By taking names you can perform a quick research and identify the best quality and budget friendly suited product.

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For bamboo flooring lovers we have color selections which can totally blend with your decor. Adding more to it, we are Sydney based flooring solution provider and therefore, we exactly know the kinds of concern and issues property owner are likely to face.

To know more about the pricing and product, do call us or contact us. Our representatives are always there in the helpline to assist you thoroughly. Let us know your requirement, we are determined to full fill every flooring need!

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