How Solid Timber Flooring can be the right choice for the property owners?


Timber flooring add natural ambiance, warmth and comfort to any homely space. The type of floor you choose has a direct impact on the appearance, functionality, and atmosphere of the property. These floors are elegant, and easy to maintain in any home. When deciding the type of wood, one should look out for the factors such as plank size, color and durability.

Installing a hardwood floor in your property over the carpet is the best decisions you can make. Hardwood adds value and gives a higher selling price to your property. It also makes your space warmer, comfortable and inviting. Also, it’s much easier to care, when placed correctly. The floor is durable and can last for lifetime.


Qualities of Timber floor

#1. Engineered or Solid

Hardwood have two choices; solid and engineered floors with thick or thin planks. Engineered option is bonded with other materials while solid wood is sophisticated choice for any room with lesser temperature fluctuation and humidity. These are the quieter version of hardwood floors, whereas the engineered wood floor works well even in moisture areas causing planks to contract or expand.

#2. Wood variance

Hardwood floor releases varieties of color options. It has spotted gum, black butt, teak, tauari, grey gum, rosewood, blue gum, merbau and more. These ranges are the most popular ones holding stains and natural grains. The color options are softer, at a same time boast rich color. According to the interior decor, the property owners can select any of the styles (grainy) and grades.

#3. Plank-width

For traditional and retro version select planks with a width of two to three inch. A wider plank is more in circulation with a rustic quality which is less visible. These planks hold the range of seven to four inch which makes the smaller rooms look wider.

#4. Grain pattern

The right kind of grainy hardwood can revolutionize. Plain swan has the most popular and dramatic appearance. The patterns are swirly, marble and eddy. These are lustrously rich and are often the focal point of the room. Whereas, the rift-swan wood is more subdued. They are less flashy and can well integrate but can become the costliest floors during installation. Quarter swan has straight grain pattern. These hold eye-catching natural flecks. The price point of these wood lies in the middle of plain swan and rift-swan. This quarter swan wood remains fixed i.e. it neither expands nor contrast.


Which is proper finish for Timber Flooring?

Polyurethane vs Oil finish, which one? Most of the hardwood floor owners get stuck on the mentioned question, so let us make you clear. Oil finish create a natural and softer look, but it easily retains scratches and scuffs.

Polyurethane is durable as they consist of natural topcoat which is suitable for high-end traffic areas. Light damage and scratches on oil finish are hard to notice, in comparison to poly finish.

Polyurethane is resilient, demanding less maintenance while oil finish seeks for regular cleaning.

Hardwood has both merit and de-merits. To figure out the best one, you must consider the room, and its utilization. If you have a family filled with children and pets than polyurethane finish hard wood is needed. For formal space where the movement is less, oil finish is best.


How to take care of Timber Flooring throughout the year?

Either a property or accessories, once purchased, responsibility gets added. Installing hardwood includes responsibility. No matter in what so space the hardwood is laid out it depends on you to keep them looking beautiful. To make your task easy below are the consideration one needs to make for the regular maintenance of hardwood floor.

#1. Include mats/carpet on the floor

Make a house rule. Place a mat outside the door, and in the entrance of every doors of your house and room. Though the visitors might be a bit taken back by the idea of taking off their shoes in the first meeting, but on the later meeting they get comfortable. This act can protect the hardwood floor from scratch and dents.

#2. Keep it away from sunlight

On the areas directly affected by sun, use curtains. Sunlight can massively destroy the texture of the floor- chances of sunburn. When exposed too much the floors are can get dis-colored. What we suggest the hardwood floor owner is to use blinds or curtains for the sunny areas. If even that is not enough you can place an attractive rug.

Hardwood floors can work miracle for the decor. From sophistication to luxury, the hardwood floor can captivate every visitor. To know more about the hardwood range, products, and price contact Glorious Flooring! Flooring Supplier in Sydney!

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