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How to choose wooden flooring for kitchen

Besides being durable and practical your kitchen flooring is your statement. As your flooring pick directly affect the other element of your design, so when coming to flooring choice you must consider endless of factors including material, designs, color & textures. It is also a hub for your home where your friends gather for cozy parties and your family members cook delicacy of meals. Heavy traffic, spilled galore, dropped dishes, the floor is quite busy.

STUCK? Dilemma? You seek one which reflects your style statement and which in fact is durable. So, get started, by taking considerations.

Lifestyle & your style sense

While cooking star dish there are chances of spilling oil, sauce, stepping & squashing dropped veggies, dropping utensils, your kids dancing around, there are plenty of things going around. Basically, you need a floor which can stand every wear and tear, and which is non-slippery.

Pick floors which complement your kitchen; rustic, country style, or contemporary. Check the vivid focal point of your kitchen i.e. should the large surface serve underfoot or as a neutral backdrop.

Gorgeous Kitchen Floorings

Level of comfort, yes, how comfortable do you want your floorings to be? Like Asian culture, if you spend half of your day inside the kitchen then you will want a soft & resilience floor. Tile floors are uncomfortable while Engineered timber floorings or Solid timber floorings are good enough to reduce leg fatigue. Further to save timber floorings one can also add rugs or carpet.

Quick cleaning. Between trapped dirt and food spills kitchen floors can get grimy. To save hours from cleaning every day pick floorings like timbers which are easy to clean spills, which are water resistant and which refrains from getting strained.

Cost for re-constructing. If you are planning to revamp your kitchen floorings keeping cost under check is a must. Firstly, determine your flooring budget by measuring your kitchen floors. While adding floors in your kitchen space there exists additional cost for underlayment, delivery, installation and for removal & disposal of previous floorings.

Kitchen Flooring Options


For ultimate flooring choice hardwood never fails to impress nor does it wipe itself from being the most stylish floorings. The classic ultra-modern touch of hardwood floorings never fails to showcase its natural beauty & warmth to your kitchen space. Every flooring of timber are rich with craftsmanship and is comfortable to stand for long hours. It can also stand put from spills and stains. Engineered timber & solid timber floorings last for years and one gets a fresh appearance by painting or refinishing the floors.

Points to be noted:


Laminate flooring mimics the appearance of hardwood floorings, tiles at a lower price. It abstains scratch and stains and can’t be sanded. But when it comes to high-end options of today one can have a hard time distinguishing real product from high-end laminates.

Points to be noted:


Bamboo style floor adds both style and durability. Though it’s a grass, it comes in planks with a variety of colors. It is comfortable like hardwood and is available in engineered and solid styles.

Points to be noted:

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