Is Laminate a toxic flooring? 7 reasons to switch to laminate!

Is Laminate Flooring toxic?

Laminate flooring is not toxic and offers a healthy solution for every health hazards. Here’s why you no longer must worry about installing non-toxic laminate flooring inside your home. Home is where your heart lives! Keeping the saying intact, as a family owner, our heart is forever onto our kids. Children need are kinds of attention, safety and hygiene. Kids do spend immense amount of time on the floor.

From infant’s “tummy time”, to crawling as toddlers. From young running naughty ones to playing dolls in nursery floor. Till the time they grow floor space plays a major role in the life of every young ones. As a caring and loving parent, it’s the responsibility of them to pay special attention to the floors they choose for their tiny tots.

Most of the guardians are not aware that their children shall be exposed to vulnerable chemicals than adults. These chemicals can be identified in clothing, food and flooring materials.

Found in every room of the house, flooring covers huge area for interior, making it to be a significant factor for maintaining indoor quality. It has been known that flooring consist of intoxicant such as VOCs and other such chemicals found in Hazardous Air Pollution (HAP).

In creating a toxic free environment, its important to know our flooring materials with their layer components, as each of it can accommodate chemical and health de-merits.


What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate board is a plastic coating added on top of the composite wood. It can be installed by using click system, which means these wood comes with an edge which allows pieces to stick together.


How harmful is laminate flooring?

Flooring for now has been into lot of publicity. Recently, parents identified the level of toxicity a carpet holds with glue and padding. Further, it is also known to be bad for allergy’s caused due to dust.

  • No use of glue or adhesives

Laminate floors are installed without chemicals or toxic glues. The fit and lock system makes the entire installation process easy. That means toxins found in other types of flooring are not at all present in laminate spaces.

  • More of Natural Production

Manufactures of laminate flooring use a specialized manufacturing system which out casts the need of cruel chemicals. By compressing paper and wood with organic inks or low-toxic resins, only natural woods are used to create proper flooring. All materials are PVC free, reclaimable and healthy for your Lilliput to crawl, explore and roam.

  • Chemical free cleaning process

Get your laminate floors cleaned without the usage of harsh chemicals. Simply wash and wipe your floor with damp clothes. For the drying process use, microfiber clothes. If you have a tough spill use vinegar and water solution, a natural and better floor cleaner.


Reasons to select laminate over any random flooring

Today’s homeowner is facing a myriad of choices, when coming to their kind of selection. One of the options gaining popularity for several of reasons is laminate. Below, we have listed few benefits of laminate flooring;

  • Cost-friendly

If you are one of those homeowners who are a fan of hardwood but due to financial constraint you have been prohibited, then laminate flooring is there to give you rich look of hardwood at a greater affordability.

  • Style range

As stated earlier, laminate comes in range of styles which can mimic the richness, look and warmth of a real solid engineered hardwood. Beside wood, you can also figure laminate in tile and stone finishes. You shall find a diverse selection of plank styles, thickness, tones, colors and surface treatments.

  • Easy maintenance & care

Laminate is covered by external resin coatings. This makes the floor resistant to scratch and color fading from sunlight. Its strong, durable and easy to clean which no additional requirement of cleaners.

  • Versatility

Every of your spaces inside the property is eligible for laminates. These boards are versatile enough to be installed in every types of sub floor material including vinyl, concrete and more. Hence, the existence of such versatility makes it even compatible for hardwood.

Though laminate is moisture resistant its not waterproof. Therefore, its not ideal to be installed in laundry rooms, bathroom or in such areas where there is water leakage.

  • Free of allergies

Debris, dust and other particles can nowhere be trapped in laminate. The underlayment prevents molding formation. If you are searching for durability, affordability and easy to care floor material for an extreme high traffic area than laminate is the one. This is suitable for pets as well as children.

  • Easy removal

As floors are neither glued or nailed to the surface. This makes it ideal floor which can be lifted and replaced with a minimum mess.

  • DIY friendly

Laminates are DIY friendly. It can be installed without any help from professional Just by going through the user manual the owners can get it laid instantly.


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Whenever we seek for floor change, what do we do first? We take down paper & pen and start jotting down the requirements and to do list. After performing it, we next approach our friends who have recently done their home makeover and take their suggestions.

If not satisfied, we further take advice from our older members. And then finally head to the floor space. The whole system makes you occupied for nearly weeks and even drain you down.

Instead of roaming around, simply reach Glorious Flooring, the only wholesale flooring distributor supplying quality laminate flooring inside Silver water, Sydney, Australia. We not only guide you in selecting floors, we also help you understand the advantageous and disadvantageous of picking the product.

Keeping the pricing factor on mind, we showcase you best products which not only blend with your budget but also release luxury to your space. Beside flooring, we also sell accessories. Hence, you can get your work done instantly without wasting your whole week.

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