Unique, Exotic & Aesthetic. Own its rich color & feel its strength! Know everything about Bamboo floorings from scratch.


Before we pile on descriptive detail information on bamboo floorings, let us ask you, what image appears in your mind when we say bamboo floors? A shoot plants? Or a dense bamboo forest famously used as a prop for horror movies? Wondering how can it be used for floorings?

Bamboos are panda’s favorite food. Other than that, it is an incredibly strong material with higher compressive strength & tensile strength withstanding the components of every rival steel.  Beside hard restraining strength its durable, eco-friendly and moisture resistant.

Even though it has water repelling properties we don’t recommend it be used in bathroom & kitchen area for the water can cause expansion of floors, cracks or lift.


Where can Bamboo floorings be used?

Mostly bamboo floorings can be used in your personal space i.e. your bedroom. The only exception is you cant use bamboo flooring with the room with excessive water.

It is a versatile material which can be used in any unusual rooms, studies, bedroom and living areas. Availability of dimensional stability makes it appropriate material to be used in rooms where the temperature can fluctuate.

Further, this material can be used with underfloor heating, without causing any damage.


Is Bamboo flooring noisy or squeaky?

Correct installation of bamboo flooring is a must. These floors aren’t quite like carpet, but it doesn’t make any kind of squeaky noise.

If you are worried of soft noise produced by it, then you can soundproof underlay. These are useful supplies in for any upstairs fitting.

The main reason for the noise is, unleveled sub-floor. Before installing it, you need to correctly prepare the sub-floors. Check whether it’s flat or dry. An uneven sub-floor, won’t allow bamboo planks to rest solidly. Instead, it will put them under extreme pressure, making them cause creaky noise.

Incorrect nailing or loose nailing may be another factor. So, we always recommend our customers to consult profession floor fitter.


Bamboo flooring pros

  • Care and maintenance of bamboo flooring is equivalent to engineered hardwood & solid timber hardwood floorings.
  • High moisture resistance in humid climates.
  • Higher water resistance compared to any average hardwood floors.
  • Equally strong and durable to engineered hardwood floorings.


Bamboo flooring cons

  • Requires excessive number of adhesives and toxic chemicals for manufacturing bamboo floors.
  • Its leaning more towards contemporary design, so it may/may not go well with traditional concepts.
  • Cheap bamboo floors are more of hassling and fussy, so buying a good strong and quality bamboo floorings can be slight expensive.


Bamboo Flooring: Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Bamboo is not a tree. It is a grass, and every bamboo flooring are made from grass. A good quality bamboo flooring is harvested in seven years. Compared to 100 years of oak tree, this a renewable source. After cutting it, immediately from the same shoot, another plant grows within seven years. So, if you think, Pandas, will go hungry if you use bamboo floorings, then that won’t be the case. And you know the reason why?


Buyer’s how to protect yourself from getting exploited?

Market is filled with quack suppliers. They sell poor quality bamboo product which gets scratched and dented easily. These poor-quality bamboo supplies are susceptible to water and damage. Inferior quality bamboo is just impossible to refinish due to excessive formaldehyde.

Don’t commit blunder mistake by ordering bamboo floorings from China, when you can get superior quality, Australian manufactured bamboo floorings in high superior quality at Glorious Timber Flooring. Don’t pertain yourself, don’t increase import cost & don’t fall in trap of Chinese product.

Cheap bamboo is harvested too early, so a stronger durability can’t be retained. Fix your mistake instead of ripping it later. Trust reliable bamboo flooring suppliers who have good mark as a genuine supplier.

Don’t keep yourself away from trying something new. If you have been using carpet floors for years, why don’t you give yourself a chance to pick a new flooring? Bamboo floorings can be just a right pick for you after carpet floorings?

If you want reasons, just ask yourself made you choose carpet floorings when you still had the chance to use old traditional plastic floorings, which were easy to maintain. You did allow yourself to experiment. And you were content with the service it gave you so far.

Proceeding with the same reason, pick Bamboo Floorings. They are just in, and most desired material for contemporary appearance. Though it gives an elegant look, it does not rip you financially and it does have easy quick and fix.

Mostly in urban homes, these floors have become a latest pick. And the craziest part is you won’t be able to differentiate whether your floor is bamboo one or hardwood one. To further channelize your interest on bamboo floorings, we will be posting more knowledgeable information on it. Stay tuned!

Glorious flooring has some beautiful & attractive options encompassing every style and variety. Create your dream home by fitting right kind of floorings. Pick your phone and dial us, we will give you best options and price reasonability in Bamboo Flooring Sydney, Australia. You can even compare our product quality and price, & we are sure that you will be surprised by our price reasonability without quality reduction.

Along with flooring products, we also supply flooring accessories, so that our beloved customers prevent themselves from again get into the trouble of price negotiation and quality comparison. Just call us, we will happily assist you in every possible way.

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