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Summer is here! After ages of gloomy blunt days, you finally get a chance to enjoy the spring wood. With this warm weather comes an unbounded joy of dining outside, enjoying brunch, recreational activities and relaxing both outdoors & indoors.

Choosing most suited indoor & outdoor floorings present number of challenges annexing the ability to withstand every challenge, showcasing your style and attracting a range of consumers. The major concern is to find versatile flooring that compliments both outdoor and indoor settings.

The advantage of indoor & outdoor living is clear. The tranquility and beauty of fresh air take you straight outside and sometimes one can feel great despair when connecting with the urban environment. A great way to link the seamless flooring bridge by creating sound visual harmony.

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Check out the best 9 ideas for floorings:

  • Bring in the outside inside. Great way to make your interior décor feels like outside. Firstly, choose your material wisely, typically use timber floorings such as engineered timber floorings or solid timber floorings. This looks great with solarium inclusion. If you think of laying flagstones, they require sealant. Sealant prevents stains and other damages inside your living space, choose sealant which looks great both indoors & outdoors.


  • Soften the borderline. Clever design is to use single material in most of the kitchen and just a few feet away switch material to some light color. A pleasing way to create harmonic visual affecting indoor and outdoor. Customize your design suiting your taste, from laminated floorings to solid timber floors or an engineered timber design you can go for several color options of the hardwood.


  • Its difficult to find woods which suits both indoors and outdoors. Most of the woods like spotted gum, blackbutt, oaks are weatherproof enough for external usage. If you are keen on picking natural woods, you can go with the sense of cohesion. For indoors you could try carbonized bamboo or natural bamboo releasing rich look.


  • If you want your flooring décor in a traditional manner then, hardwood look could be the one for your both indoor and outdoor platforms. Choose current wood options which are weatherproof, and which goes well with both indoor and outdoor space. You could even go with laminated floors imitating woods, which are strong and durable in nature.


  • Keep it neat and simple. Simple strikes classiness, if you are looking out for functional floor drawing much attention to your floorings than engineered timber woods or laminate floors can surely do it. Give your outer space the sense of the additional room. Laminate floors are brilliant options for bridging the outside and inside space, they are good enough to blend with the outer space with the resistant finish.


  • Expand your garden room. Convert your garden portion into a shed, a fine dines room, an outer lounge, by extending the floor outskirts, so that even if you open your doors you can’t tell much difference on what’s outside and inside. So, just remember that you need to choose a material which goes both outside and inside, which means an ideal weatherproof wood.


  • Stick on the same palette. If you are willing to create a similar connection between in and out but don’t want to go out of style, you can develop a connection by picking material of the same palette. Opt for tile patterns, or natural stone looking pattern or a hardwood deck.


Backyard has always been an important portion in Australian home. From summer barbeque, backyard matches, gatherings, few beautiful memories are made. So, design your own décor with indoor and outdoor floorings to absorb more of natural atmosphere.  For more indoor and outdoor trends go through our products range, contact us to know more about the flooring information.

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