Precautions to be taken with Furniture when laying down new Floors!


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Finally, the day you have longed for has arrived. All those hard works, cost cutting, struggle will finally give you a dream floor for your space, which you had longed for. You are plunging and treating yourself with the finest quality solid hardwood floor, for the living space, or newly in bamboo floors, for the bedroom space, or distressed laminate floor for the kids’ room.

Larger the plan, higher will be the budget. But you are giving a total make over to the home floor. An exciting time, but how are we supposed to protect it while moving the furniture around without shifting the family members.


What next to do with the furniture while laying the new floor?

To completely revamp the floor, the space must be empty. You can remove the furniture around or wholly stack the furniture in the garage. The whole situation depends on you and several associated factors. You can start to formulate plans by asking yourself several questions such as;

  • Time taken to execute the entire flooring project. If planning the modify the flooring structure exclusively in a particular room than a little shifting of furniture from a room to balcony or other space is fine, but if restoring the whole floor boards of the house, than you need to keep the time factor on check, for if it gets completed on a single day, furniture can be stacked in the open ground, or garage or other empty space.
  • The space of your house. How many rooms do you have in your house? Do you have basement? Well, if yes you can save the furniture from the weather changes, and safely tuck it in the basement.
  • Estimated budget for moving the furniture’s. When it comes to rotating the furniture the choice of money and muscles remains. Intended to save money, by unifying all the family members, furniture can be settled. If you are a solo person, then two hands are not enough, you need an extra pair. Or if you have additional funds, you can temporarily slide into the storage unit.
  • Do the flooring installers move around furniture? Ask them, for there are few companies who include quotes. If you have the option, why not take it, as it saves your time and energy. On the other hand, it will increase the installation cost.
  • Short term storage by renting a unit for a month or a week. This idea is useful for the ones living in a one room space, or quarters. The rented storage is convenient, safe and secure. One does not need to constantly shuffle the furniture, or awkwardly cramp it into a space. If you want a break, you can hire to move the furniture’s.


How to prepare for the Hardwood Installation?

Once every furniture is removed, the hardwood installation process becomes lot easier. Here are the few steps one can take to ensure smooth installation;

  • Remove door frames and base boards for the perfect fit.
  • Thorough vacuum of the floor regardless of the existence of kind of flooring.
  • Priorly ask the installers about the removal of old floors. If they are ones who are doing it, then you save yourself from the major headache. If not, you have a big task in your hand.
  • Level the sub-floor and check its condition. A professional hardwood flooring installer can take care of these minor stuffs, to ensure perfect and smooth finish.


How to prepare your home before flooring installation?

Here are the few tips in mind, one needs to keep account of before laying new floors:

  • Complete the remodeling task of your house, before heading for flooring. Weather a fresh paint coat, new wallpaper, general repairs, wrapping these projects beforehand in advance protects the new floors.
  • Re-modelling a floor containing large appliances? You need to remove the wires before. Contact the electrician before fixing the schedule with flooring installers.
  • Keep the pets with sharp claws away. Your furry friend might not like the hustle and bustle from a strange face or a strange smell that can literally upset them. Consult the vet, before installation, as the toxic smell can upset the respiratory system of the small pet. You can take help from the relatives, as they can take care of your pet for few days till the dusts and smell gets settled.

We hope the shared tips, will allow you to prepare before the installation of hardwood floors. Thinking about adding a new look to your home, go through the range of wooden flooring options of hardwood offered by Glorious Flooring Australia, as we the Sydney based Flooring Wholesale Suppliers, supplying latest flooring products and accessories at an affordable price. Contact us to know more!

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