Why to choose laminate Flooring over Carpet


When seeking for new flooring in the house, the first option that springs to your mind is carpet. But, do you think this choice is suitable for kitchen and bathroom? These areas need to be directly skipped, for we believe these are the high traffic areas.

In kitchen, things are sure to get spilled on regular basis, while, bathroom floor is sure to get wet regularly. Such condition force you to pick, tiles, for the bathroom areas, while laminate in the kitchen space.

Every morning, tiles can give you a cold foot underneath. Though they are hard wearing and resistant to staining and scratches, but they are actually costly to buy and lay down and also are prone to accidents after they get wet.

In case of laminate flooring, these are very much ideal for kitchen floors but not an ideal option for bathroom, as they are not so water resistant, which causes edges to lift over time.

So, the risk involved has urged us to take a closer look on the flooring which are durable as well as attractive including its pros and cons.


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Let’s begin with vinyl floors!

Firstly, keep in mind, vinyl is available in two forms, i.e. Off the roll & tiles.  In the first one, the shop will cut the amount you need from the large bundle. This is a soft one, and holds the advantage of easy fitting. Meaning, any individual willing to undertake the task of installation can do it proficiently.  You just need a tape measure, Stanley knife and straight edge. A special attention is needed to cut the shape perfectly.

Go for a manual study before taking a leap. And you can easily lay it without any problem. This requires no adhesives, as it can be loosely laid on top of the current existing floors.

The hard vinyl tiles seek for glues, one must be aware of the sounds it makes while being laid. You need to be perfect with the entire process. Proper leveling is a must and it involves screwing plywood and pouring compound over it.

One can purchase, high grade vinyl flooring in wide range of styles, finishes and colors. So, if you find a right one to go with your requirements, just for it.

Let’s further move to, Laminate Floors!

Numerous considerations must be made when buying laminates. Rightly, it arrives, in an assorted stone and wood completions, which is extremely tuff to gander but, is scratch safe and damp. However, the following factors, keep it the master of every flooring.

  1. It sensibly outlines tile, stone and wood impact.
  2. Considering the price factor, it’s extremely less compared to timber or carpet floors.
  3. It designed with the intention to last with the great degree of solidness and less liable to scratchiness.
  4. The presence of common inter-locking establishment framework, urges more of DIY act, so it searches for no sub-floor connectivity.
  5. Without much do, it can be used as boarders to various floors, in between the thickness of 7-10mm.
  6. Not an earth cordial material. Formed with reused materials.


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Interesting Points, which tempts to choose, laminate floors

In the event of adoring hardwood floors, you frequently find the cost of it wholly fair. The situation showcases another reality. Large number of individuals are in search of alternatives in regards to hardwood.

Conventional hardwood isn’t just a costly material to pick, but also a high maintenance product. Fortunately, innovation enhancement has allowed to recognize contrasts amongst laminate and hardwood floors. Laminate utilizes the real photo of wood grain, which is particularly installed to upgrade the common appearances of the floor influencing more genuine hardwood.

Laminate is definitely turning the head around. Slowly but strongly it has become more prevalent flooring choice in the view of advances that are reliably encouraging innovations.

Today, these floors have become an exclusive one in comparison to other flooring alternatives due to huge range of decisions. You won’t only get assortment in styles, choices and sorts, but you will get an exceptionally financially savvy floors that are durable and easy to administer. So, far we have received positive reviews from every laminate user.

On the other hand, the development in the current market has not only addressed styles, colors and choices but has also expanded the option of quality choice. The major issue holding one back is that, in every case its difficult to distinguish standard quality at a first look.  There are and they will be in the near future couple of things which will influence the determination process as a purchaser.

  1. Style, Color & Waterproof: This can be an easy decision for the shoppers. As you are clearly aware of the preferences. But during purchasing period, there are chances that you will get confused. With such huge decisions, from which to choose chances to the capacity to discover the right kind of laminate suiting your flooring needs are different. Its waterproof. It really doesn’t absorb moisture. What you need to do is, if anything gets spilled its better to quickly get it cleaned. The merit part of it is that its very much easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Warranty: You will get to enjoy several guarantees offers, on the distinctive floors. Truth to be hold, they broadly vary in between the ranges of 5 years to 20 years. If you are picking the floors for one of the busiest areas i.e. for the high movement region inside your home you will clearly need flooring with a high side guarantee scale. You must also consider the time span you wish your flooring to last. If the offer intends to stick with your space for 20 years than you should pounce on it. In an event, you have plans of moving or shifting than an extra cash must be kept on sideline as you are bound to pick product holding only 5-year guarantee.
  3. Cost: It is a down-sizing factor. If you like the product and if its out of your budget then you are likely to drop it. Laminate is not impressively a hardwood type. With regards to different costs of laminate flooring you ought to choose value that are additionally comfortable with the accessibility of guarantee, toughness and thickness.
  4. Thickness: The normal thickness range of laminate is in between 6 and 12mm. In reality, thicker flooring is the characteristic of value development, protection and solidness. Thicker laminates feel more like genuine hardwood. Numerous mortgage holders, observes the right kind of shelter when finally settling with laminate floors.
  5. Installation: Laminates are easy to introduce. You don’t actually have to bother with the proficiency of its establishment. You may likewise be occupied by the discovering of laminates. But the material is strictly not recommended to be installed in storm cellars or high moisture areas.


Glorious flooring, has a comprehensive package for its beloved customers. We intend to give high guarantee, with superior material quality at an extreme reasonable price. We never compromise with quality. Further, we are keen to offer our product to every range of customers and try to give them best product within their confined budget.

If you don’t believe, just visit our store or call us, our representatives will guide you or give you a schedule to visit the warehouse. We guarantee customer satisfaction in the whole of Silver water, Australia.

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