Timber Flooring designed for Child Safety; What’s onto it?

timber flooring

Carefully choosing flooring option for your child’s nursery? Wholly in love with Timber flooring? Highly eager to levy timber flooring all over the house, especially on your little one’s room?

Timber adds value to your place, and if allergies are your greatest concern, then this is surely a greatest concern as it is likely to attract less dust and dirt unlike carpet.

With so many variants in color and finishes, the selection are just endless. Incorporating architectural details are the best ways to release stylish makeover. An effective way to bring warmth by adding a calming touch of natural beauty. Some beauty enhancing accessories includes furniture, cabinets, fittings and accessories.

That’s not just it. Timber has been used for centuries and decades. It is very much known for providing comfort and warmth. There is nothing more rewarding and exciting than taking the entire task of furnishing your room.

The best thing is that you will be able to express your own kind of personality, through different room space of your house. French style theme, is one of the most stylish furnishing themes widely accepted by every homeowner and using timber as one of the flooring options is just great,

It brilliantly extends your living space, by establishing a natural beauty. And therefore home owners now a days have built up higher expectations when coming to child’s safety.

Talking more about the dream space, we often find ourselves picturing a space with elegant floors and stunning exteriors. And timber has proven to be a better choice than any of the decking material quietly blending with the natural surroundings, with solid and higher appealing designs creating peaceful area.

Timber today has become a most popular flooring choice. It’s a modern flooring solution not only due to fashionable finishes but also because of low maintenance. It is in fact undeniably durable, offering finishes that are ideal to every decors and tastes.

Picking suitable timber floors for your children’s room can be a difficult task especially for those who are new to the flooring concept. So, it’s important to keep your selection intact to get that appeal you want to achieve. Picking timber finishes amplifying the natural appearances is a desirable one.


Is Timber flooring a safer pick in creating a beautiful space for your children?

As a parent, every prospect needs to be inquired thoroughly. Beside eye-friendly color option one needs to make a check on the environmentally friendly factors.

Mostly, low-quality flooring consist of nasty chemicals or VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which have long term effects from its constant exposure.

VOC are the chemical substances, that mingles with the air in the form of solid or liquid in a dry room temperature. VOC may not contain intoxicant but holds a long-term effect on health.

When selecting a formaldehyde free timber flooring product, a healthy floor is created for your loved ones.  We totally understand the importance of health and thankfully there are products, allowing you to acquire desired flooring, without making any sort of adjustment in the health of your family specially in the nursery rooms of your little tots.


Find out more about VOC’s

Many products available in the market claim themselves of being a zero percent VOC material.

So, what is VOC? Well, VOC are volatile organic compounds, which includes both natural and chemical components, that totally evaporates into thin air releasing toxicants.

Organic in this substance mean, chemical make-up of ingredients, which are lot easier to inhale. These so-called components are used in several household products such as paints, cleaning products, and other household consumables.

Exposures of VOC are comparatively higher in indoor areas rather than outdoor. Chemicals directly entre into our body through breathing. These hazardous not only impact human beings but also affect environment. Excessive exposure to it causes allergies, eye and breathing issues.

Thankfully, many legislatives are intervening to minimize the danger. The GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) has released the maximum usage of VOC’s up to 140g/l for coatings and 100 g/l for adhesives.


Tips of how to maintain a healthy timber space

Timber space while used as your child’s interior receives a lot of abuse and attack. They attract lots of traffic, while most of the times they are directly prone to sun lights. Therefore, they seek for regular maintenance, to retain their condition. When failed to do so, it shall shred its original color and get hold of splinters. Instead of expensive repairs, here are the simple maintenance trick to keep your timber, safe and sound.

  • Regular cleaning & sealing: At every two to three years get your floors cleaned by professionals. If you do so, you only need to keep it intact once a year by yourself. In long run take special steps. Make experts clean and kill any mildew spores, to remove surface impurities. Then get it sealed. Secondly, replace rotted boards, if needs to replace the whole go for it.
  • Remove mould mildew: Soapy water and hard brush just to scrub away dirt. A hard-powerful jet wash after few years of usage can set the cleanliness right.
  • Re-coat it: If the floors look tired, its high time to re-treat and get it re-stained. Before applying few coats, clean the area twice.


Timber flooring are more durable than vinyl flooring. Apart from low maintenance, the splendor of timber, will make your space appears classier. Create a sophisticated and comfortable bedroom by adding more accessories to your room. For a luxury Timber flooring in Sydney, do remember Glorious Flooring. We are here to take care of your needs without making any sort of adjustment in any part (health, appearance and quality). We are here to cater your requirements at a reasonable price without breaking you financially and without making you doubt on the quality. Contact us today, for product every product related or price related queries.

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