Timber Floors Application and Maintenance

timber wood

Wood products are a really common choice as flooring materials because it comes in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. One of the simplest flooring wood products is “timber”, yes! As soon as we suggested the name; your mind would have popped various curious questions on timber?

Now let us take an extended breath and begin getting some knowledge about this amazing product.

Firstly, lets’ us mention the foremost common question that everybody out there would wear their curious mind, “What is timber flooring? Are there any sorts of it?” and here it is:

Timber flooring may be a product manufactured from timber which is meant in such how that they are often used as flooring, whether structural or aesthetic. it is also significantly popular as “wood flooring” and “hardwood flooring” within the market.

As per talking about its types, there also are different sorts of wooden floors that you simply can choose between, and a few of them are quite affordable they are going to surely fit at your budget.

Applications of Timber flooring

Timbers are often applied within the different sectors or the world of your surroundings. From decking to windows, pergolas to flooring, the variability of application of timber, highlights not only its versatility but also inherent strength and enduring appeal. Whether in structural roles or used for aesthetic appeal within the interiors, there is much to urge about the pliability and type of timber within the built environment. Here are some areas where timber flooring is often applied consistent with the utilization of it within the different criteria; that is structural, interior, and exterior.


Structural Criteria:

Timber flooring offers innovative and modern design or builder; a chance to make strong, reliable structures that employment with the environment instead of against. It demonstrates the strength and stability of timber flooring because of the primary construction materials. The usages of timber within the structural criteria are as follows:

  • Architectural roof trusses
  • Framing
  • Packaging
  • Portal frames
  • Shear walls
  • Structural insulated panel systems
  • Structural timber poles
  • Temporary structures


Interior Criteria:

From the heat and wonder of hardwood timber flooring guides well to style and amazing potential of internal timber paneling. A timber application assists within the creation of expected living spaces within the interior environment. The applications and usage of timber flooring within the indoor environment are limited imagination. Here are the areas where the sweetness of timber breaks its boundary:

  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Joinery
  • Moldings
  • Paneling’s interior
  • Rails and Balustrades, interior
  • Stairs, interior


Exterior Criteria:

natural outdoor sanctuaries created by timber landscaping to the strength, reliability, and aesthetic appeal of exterior timber staircases, exterior timber guides well demonstration to the usage of timber flooring during a sort of common outdoor building spaces. The natural and wonder appeal of timber sees functional structures and spaces blend seamlessly with their outdoor environment.

  • Here are some significant popular places where the timber flooring is often used throughout the outside criteria:
  • Cladding, exterior
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Pergolas
  • Rails and balustrades, exterior
  • Retaining walls (landscaping)
  • Shingles and shakes
  • Stairs, exterior
  • Windows


After the appliance of the timber flooring within the different areas, we should always also skills to require care of it after installation. What the upkeep prospects of timber flooring. The points given below would assist you in the maintenance of timber flooring



  • Clean up the ground once every week to stop the buildup of grit and dirt on the surface.
  • Clean more frequently within the busiest areas or as needed.
  • Do not pour water or use detergent on the ground.
  • Never drag items across your floor. Sand and grit may scratch the coating, or a pointy edge may gouge the timber.
  • Install timber floor guards on the bottom of furniture legs, particularly frequently move items like dining rooms chairs.
  • Remove spills immediately and spot clean the areas using the Bona cleaner or soft cloth.
  • Have mats both inside and out of doors externals doors to trap girt and take away moisture from shoes.
  • Keep pet claws trimmed to avoid scratches and gouges.
  • Do not use bicarbonate of soda, ammonia, or any abrasive cleaners.

Types of Timber flooring in Sydney

  • Hardwood flooring: 

It is the foremost popular and costliest sort of timber flooring. Hardwood floorboards are made from slow-growing trees; as a result, the wood of these trees looks much finer and delightful grain. it is also heavier in weight and harder than other woods.


  • Engineered timber flooring:

Unlike real hardwood flooring, engineered timber flooring is formed from two or more layers of various sorts of woods glued or pressed alongside a veneer to make a plank. These are cheaper than hardwood timber flooring. This stability makes it a universal product which will be installed over all kinds of subfloors above, below or on a grade and one among the simplest advantages of this timber floor is it is often sanded down numerous times and re-finished when it gets damaged.


  • Reclaimed timber flooring:

These sorts of flooring are made up of already used lumber. Usually, these floorings are taken within the old house or barns, trimmed, and sanded right down to look a touch decent. Through these wooden planks that anyone could get are a touch of worn down, a number of them many have nails holes or knots, or some could also be strained, but it gives a uniquely beautiful character to a home.


  • Bamboo timber flooring:

Typically watching the bamboo, is not wood but since it is grass and that we cannot deny that the very fact that bamboos are very durable and appears great as a flooring material. It is a sustainable resource for the people that want to travel “green”.

Now as turning the pages of timbers’ history, Timber products are always been everyone is favorite due to its durability, design, and wonder. Thanks to its popularity timber flooring became one of the foremost affordable products than they were before; many of us are considering it as a serious attraction of their house and rapidly changing their floors. If you are still unsure whether you ought to change your current house’s floor with timber, then this text will assist you more and therefore the piece of data about its application and maintenance. We hope this might assist you to form up your mind quickly

We assume you bought some kind of knowledge and refreshed your mind on different confusion and made your mind to exchange your house floor with timber flooring. Glorious Flooring supplies Best Quality timber flooring in the budget at a wholesale price inside Australia. Individuals can contact us to know more about the product and price. For more visit, our website!

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