2019 is here! Holiday seasons have begun, tips & tricks to protect your hardwood floorings!

Take care of hardwood flooring

Excited about the holidays! Planning for a long weekend to your family home or traveling to nearest thrilling destinations or planning to quietly spend family time, in your own space. The year has winded up, many of us are gearing to do some great excitement! Not to miss it’s a great time for family gatherings, parties and catch ups with every beloved people who have made a positive impact in your life. Just leave out the ones, who have downturned your life, and head for a new creation, new positivism.

This is what 2019 is all about, gearing for new chapters in life, new vision, new insights leaving every titbit of 2018 behind.  Every school, colleges, office are closed, and your home will be a buzzing hub all filled with holiday activities! Your floors are sure to get filled with muds and dirt- and all of this is sure to ruin your hardwood floorings timeless appeal.

Homeowners across the globe are constantly seeking out new ways to retain the timeless beauty of hardwood floorings. And dealing with floor disasters in holiday season can really spoil your vacation mood.


Quick tips to protect hardwood floorings this vacation

Use mats in every entranceway

Interior and external moisture goes hand in hand, therefore investing in superior quality mat floors in your wooden floorings, would minimize the portion of likeable dirt spread in floorings. Select mat floors which are solid in nature, which prevent unnecessary slip-ups, which would not discolor wood floors, and which would absorb moisture (pick only fiber mats).

On a regular basis make sure to clean your mats, especially on summer & holiday seasons. Before washing it make sure to dust it. Before placing mat on the floor make sure its dry or else it could stain or wrap the wood planks.


Rugs in high traffic areas

Identify the most used space. Because the hardwood floorings placed there might get seriously injured. Utilize runners and rugs in hallways and dinning rooms. It prevents food spills, and other adventurous activities which may sometime skip your breathe.

Just remember to use rugs which are rubber backed, to prevent discoloration of floor surface.


Quickly remove wipe & spills

Mats & rugs don’t completely absorb spills. Make a habit of immediately whipping spills to preserve woods. Purchase a quality mop & right floor cleaner and store it in a place where you can instantly reach out. You can also make strict rules by forbidding family members and visitors wearing of outside shoes inside the house. Or discourage wearing of wet shoes and boots inside the house.


Forbid shoes & make use of boot tray

Make sure to use indoor slippers while moving around the house. You can also ask visitors & guests to remove shoes before entering inside inner space. This one can be really annoying during large family gatherings, so what you can do is place a large dark rug near entryways. This gives your guests a proper place to manage their shoes.

There are times when your guests would dislike roaming inside the premises barefoot so for family gatherings it’s better to place large rugs everywhere so the guests won’t mind walking around the house barefoot.

Boot tray is another idea for rainy days. Place it outside the main door, so that everyone can stack in their wet shoes outside the house. In case you put boot trays inside, make sure to place towel underneath to soak moisture.


Make use of furniture pads

An added responsibility to keep your floors undisturbed. Practically, furniture pads are used underneath heavy furniture, portable furniture to avoid gouging and scratch. Reach out for furniture pads which can be adjusted into any shapes and sizes to suit furniture pieces.

Before placing it, make sure to examine the adhesives, sometimes they just wont work and stick properly which would directly impact on your beautiful hardwood floorings. Make sure to replace furniture pads once in two months.


Never make use of Salt on hardwoods

Keep salt away from the floors. It directly attacks wood materials. Salts are dangerous for wooden floors.  Even with frequent cleaning, tiny amount of salt is enough to break down floorings. Look for more natural method to protect your floors. Use rugs, mats, proper cleaning materials to protect the beautiful piece. A small investment today can reap high investment tomorrow.


Wise investment in cleaning products

This advice is applicable for every season. Purchase high-quality mobs, preferably with micro-fibers which easily traps dust & dirt. But before applying mob, firstly vacuum the floor, otherwise, you will end up scratching the floors. Regularly cleaning of floors after an event, would prevent permanent embedding of dust in floors.


Regular grooming of your pet

Amazed! Shocked! Clip your cats nail, if you are a proud cat owner, trim their nails. You can’t predict their mood, so better prevent it than get into trouble. They are a real trouble maker and directly attack on floors with their nails. An unwanted appearance is sure to appear.

Mess and accidents are bound to happen this holiday seasons. Don’t get tangled into messy situations while on break, so make sure to get yourself prepared beforehand. Take measures instead of getting into the section of repairs and maintenance. Adding few decors and cleaning products won’t cost you much in comparison to the cost that would incur during repair and maintenance of floors.

Act smart is another fundament, individual homeowners must seek for. Quick tricks and tips are especially designed for them so that they can implement beforehand. Hardwood floorings fall in the range of expensive floorings material. So, if one needs to completely get it replaced, it might strip them financially.

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