Give an “A” class personality to your home! Use Timber floorings in Unique ways.

timber wood

Your home reflects your personality. When you invite your friends to your place, the first thing that they will notice is your floorings, second interior, and third hygiene. It’s important to update your home without costing a fortune. It’s impossible to renovate your home without making few investments, so while investing make sure to put your money in good quality timber floorings.

If you are seeking true feature from wooden flooring timber might be a perfect solution. Timber has been the most preferred flooring choice for hundreds of years while past fifteen years it has become a popular choice for when used in the home it does give cozy, warm and inviting appearance. For those who think timber to an antique piece and are afraid it to be an expensive version of floorings then, to address your issue we have carried out research, taken experts advice and compiled some classic genre designs giving the flooring concept a modern and unique twist.

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Unique ideas which can be used to create beautiful timber floorings

Unique & Personal living spaces

Timber floorings have full characters in every single piece.  Every timber plank you choose is unique in nature suiting any corner and spaces of your home. For classic old English genre appearance, aged timber is perfect while for contemporary look matte finished timber is the one. Pairing timber floor with neutral color palette would allow embracing rich textures of timber.

On Classic implant a modern twist

A modern twist on timber floorboards is just in to release contemporary vibes.  These adds edgy shades and colors and would simply look fantastic when paired with single toned furniture.

Dark Timber Floorings

These timbers are associated with old fashion applications and heritage homes.  Dark timber just goes well with modern housing concept as it looks warm and inviting. While using dark timber flooring make sure to match your floor rugs or furniture with rich vibrant colors like dark greens, blues, burgundy, and bright yellow. Matching timber wood with vibrant colors would create homely yet vibrant vibes which any modern home seek for.

High Ceiling Rooms

If your ceilings are high and to match it, you are searching for a quiet piece of floors then why not pick timber floorings. As with high ceiling, you should look for warmly toned timber floorboards to create warm space and ambiance in your room.

Light Timber Floorings

For a small flooring space, light timber flooring is the right pick as it would make space look bigger and bright. Installing dark timber flooring in small space would make the small space appear cozier. To add more brightness in the room, make sure to pair the light timber floorings with some bright wall paint. If you add few greeneries inside the room like wall plant or indoor garden installation, then your home is sure to embrace a beautiful airy feeling.

Add extra stunning details

Close detail can be a devil touch to your home. For example, a minute touch of parqueting on stairs can simply elevate the aesthetic of your home to next level.

Include dramas to your space

Inject few of your dramatic personality to your space.  Head for traditional herringbone or chevron look for more innovative designs and solid timber is a perfect way to add style to your home. No matter what so ever flooring style comes in, your timber style never goes out of fashion.

For unique flooring, Sydney based Glorious Flooring can guide you. We are a wholesale distributor of Solid Timber Floorings & Engineered Floorings while our professional squad can advise you with stunning, pocket-friendly ideas. We do take a holistic approach while picking flooring products, therefore, our timber flooring products are just so breathtaking.

For Solid & Engineered timber floorings, contact Glorious Flooring today!

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