What causes gap in solid Timber Flooring and How to Fix it?


When should you be concerned about the gaps identified in the wooden flooring? Before answering the question, the owner must figure out the occurrence of the gap; When did it happen? Summer or Winter or Autumn?

Gaps in solid timber flooring are normal. The situation arises when wood lose their moisture content along with the other factors associated with it.

Often gapping is caused, when any flooring is installed during the period of higher humidity. Though the effect is not seen instantly, it is observed during the summer or winter season. Usually in summer the gaps occur, while in winter it shrinks.

Another reason for the event can be humidity imbalance. The ideal humidity is in between 30 to 50 per cent. All the solid timber wood laid inside the property shall contract and expand according to the moisture change.

You may notice the similar condition with your wooden windows and doors during the rainy season. So, for any normal gap, no repairs are needed, if you add fillers to it, the woods are sure to revolt.


Causes of gaps in solid timber flooring

There are several reasons why floorboard separates.  Significant temperature fluctuations, changes in moisture level, can create problems between the individual boards. But before directly pointing out the reason lets discuss the major factor causing it.

#1. Moisture and temperature level fluctuation

Solid timber floors are 100% natural product. Therefore, during high variations, the boards are expected to contract and expand. When the ambient condition changes, the air becomes less humid, temperature goes down and hence the floorboards contract. Similarly, when temperature soars, the moisture contain too increases making wooden floor absorb the moisture from the air, causing expansion.

#2. Improper fitting of boards

Floor installation should be carried out in proper manner. Choosing right floorboards, with professional board installer is a must. If the floorboards are fitted in snugly manner, then its obvious for the floorboard to separate. There are several remedies one can apply to prevent it from tightening and happening of incident.

#3. Acclimation of flooring

The third reason for developing gaps might be due to improper acclimation of the floor. For an instance, if insufficient expansion gaps were left around the floors than its certain for the floors to generate gaps. A solid timber floor when laying down needs to be acclimatized before fitting. So, when laying floors, make sure to leave a gap of 10 to 15 millimeters, in this way, your floors can expand and contract without causing any damage.


How to fix the gaps caused in solid timber wooden floors?

Weather can cause enough tantrums to the interior décor.  With rise in humidity, it’s quite common to see formation of gaps in the hardwood floors. Gaps are caused due to contraction and expansion of wood floors. In a solid timber wood, it will take years to show up the gap.  Regardless of your floor installation you can reduce the number of gaps that can show up in the hardwood floors. You can select furnace humidifiers or room humidifiers. Following are the interesting ways to fix your wooden gaps;

#1. Never delay in fixing the gaps

The moment you see a gap, immediate fixing is a must. How you choose to fix the gap highly depends on the size of the gap. Firstly, analyze the number of gaps, too many gaps or extremely wide gaps or a moving creaks floor do need an extensive and immediate repair. Following the gaps which opens during increment in humidity might be considered as normal by the professional. Before taking any step its always better to coordinate with the professionals.

#2. Gap repair methods

Floor gaps can be fixed in numbers of way. The last method is to completely replace the floors that has too many gaps. Generally, you can precisely fill in the gaps through gap fillers, piece of rope, glossy re-fills, and finish with stain to match the flooring.

Proper usage of fillers can remove the hardwood floor gaps. These are best used for narrow floors. But, during the fluctuation of humidity, the fillers may be forced out to accumulate the additional humidity. Before proceeding with the repairs, check the manufacture of the hardwood floor, for certain instructions and direction are given for the repairing process.

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